November 21, 2016

What happens when I have setup archiving for all the licensed number of users?

If your preferred payment agreement with Mithi is a “Contract“, you won’t be able to add any more users until you purchase additional users for your subscription. To purchase additional resources or user licenses, you can simply write in your request to our billing team, who will update your license and send you a pro-rated invoice from the date of purchase to the end of your contract period for the new purchase.

With the “Pay per Use” payment agreement model for the consumption of our cloud services, this question is no more valid. In this model, you don’t buy any resources upfront and instead go about using the service, grow or shrink as your workload changes and pay only for what you use at the end of the month. We have simplified the entire consumption and billing process for our customers by moving to a pay per use model. Learn more about how Pay Per Use works.

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