January 1, 2019

What is the price for importing/uploading historical email data to Vaultastic?

You can import historical mail data only for users subscribing to the HOLD plan.

Mithi provides access to a DIY portal to help you import data into these vaults. The price of migrating data into a HOLD vault has 2 components

  1. The price per GB of the HOLD storage itself.
  2. A one time cost of actually migrating the data using the Legacyflo mail migration tool from Mithi.

E.g. One HOLD user needs to import 15 GB of historical data. There will be a recurring monthly charge for 15 GB at the rate of the HOLD plan and a one-time migration charge for 15 GB.

All this is tracked during the month and added to the monthly bill in arrears as part of our pay per use payment agreement.

You can estimate the price of importing a certain volume of data using Legacyflo into Vaultastic HOLD by using Mithi’s Simple pricing calculator. Enter the storage volume to be imported in the Vaultastic HOLD field and Legacyflo import field.

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