January 1, 2019

What is the pricing model for Vaultastic?

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Vaultastic’s pricing is based on a Fixed + Variable model. The fixed plans come at a price with some allowances and limits. The limits and allowances cover the volume of historical data to be imported, migration charges and export of data from the console. Any usage beyond these limits is billed on a prorata basis in arrears on the month end.

For active users of your enterprise, the Vaultastic licensing model is a per user license with retention period as the main critirion differentiating the various plans. So each user on your primary mail platform gets a corresponding Vault (Vaultastic account) to hold all the email of that user. You may choose between the 3 plans of Continuity, Tracer or Durability for that user. You can also mix plans to suit the role of the users.

For inactive users or ex-employees, Vaultastic provides a storage based licencing plan, HOLD, which retains mail of all your inactive users in a single vault, limited only to the amount of storage purchased for the HOLD plan.

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