November 21, 2016

Which plan is appropriate for me?

You can optimize costs by purchasing and mixing plans as per the roles of the user.

For a set of users, it may suffice to have a short term backup of all their email along with a self-service portal to help them find their email when required. This will make the users more productive and reduce the burden on the IT teams. For this set of users, the Continuity plan, which stores mail up to 10 GB (about 3 years worth of email), is ideal.

For another set of users, who work in the legal or finance department and their area of work falls under regulatory compliance, the Tracer plan is ideal. The Tracer plan supports the retention of email up to 30 GB (approx 8 years worth of email)

The Durability plan preserves email up to 100 GB (approx 20 years worth of email) and is the most appropriate to store the email of users, whose data is critical and timeless.

The Hold plan is a storage-based plan. Thus, the Hold plan is ideally suited to upload large volumes of legacy email data and have the email search ready at all times. Also, it is ideally suited to archive live emails of users, whose email volume may not be very high. This helps optimize costs since the uptake on storage is slower.

All these plans are also offered on a pay per use payment agreement. Learn more about how Pay Per Use works.

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