November 15, 2018

How to increase speed of uploading large files on Amazon S3 bucket?

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1. Use Pro version of S3 BrowserPro Version of S3 Browser allows you to increase the number of concurrent uploads or downloads. This may greatly improve performance when you need to upload or download a large number of small files, or when you need to upload large files to Amazon S3 at maximum speed.

To learn how it works, click here. To obtain Pro version of S3 Browser and unlock Pro features click here.

2. Tips to upload large files on Amazon S3 bucket

  • Do not pause and re-init the process of uploading files on S3 Browser. You may need to disable the Auto-Hibernate option for your laptop to avoid interruption in uploading.
  • Do not close the browser while uploading the files.
  • Use LAN over wifi for uploading files.
  • Generate small size PST files (Max 4GB)
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