No minimum charge. Unlimited scalability. Pay per use

No long-term contracts, complex licensing or subscription plans.
Vaultastic optimized for SPEED Vaultastic optimized for COST
Effective storage rate per GB per month ?
Savings vis-a-vis an alternative solution ? 55% - 73% 78% - 84%
When to use Where you need frequent on-demand search with instant results Where you need to store large volumes of data and access it infrequently.
Popular uses
  • Supervision
  • Mailbox Storage Management
  • Investigations
  • Compliance management
  • Backup ex-employee data long-term
  • Optimizing storage costs
  • Preserving notifications
Search and Retrieval Instant, on-demand Slower, multiple steps.
Storage Only Active (Hot) Store Tiered across Active (Hot) and Inactive (Cold) store
  • Auditor
  • Administrator
  • Self-service
  • Auditor
  • Administrator
Up to 10% rebate on annual upfront payments.

No compromise solution for your Enterprise Information Archival needs

Engineered for Security, Availability, Scalability & Reliability
Features Vaultastic optimized for SPEED Vaultastic optimized for COST
Active archiving
Import Legacy data
Export data in portable formats
Cloud-native SaaS powered by AWS
SLA backed performance warranties
Built-in disaster recovery
24x7 support
Continuous security fixes, updates, and upgrades
Billing model
No minimum charge
Metered daily, billed monthly
Unlimited Vaults
Unlimited size of Vaults
Bulletproof Security
Encrypted at rest and in transit
Strong authorization controls
Role-based access policies
Tamper proof vaults
Perpetual Audit trails
With directory systems like MS ADS for seamless authentications
With other business application using web services and API
Archive data from a wide variety of email platforms.
Easy Administration
Provisioning of domains, users
Role based security controls
Information Governance, Extraction
Dashboards, Reports
Share your Challenges, Requirements and Ask your questions

Pricing Model to Optimise Cost and Cashflow

Configure Vaultastic to optimize for Speed or Costs as per your business needs
Pricing estimates for sample information archiving scenarios on Vaultastic
Optimized for Speed ?
(Instant ediscovery)
Optimized for Cost ?
(Slower ediscovery)
Sample Scenarios ? Average monthly bill
Live data for 10 users with 50 GB legacy data (*)
(Estimated storage used annually: 55GB)
Live data for 50 users with 100 GB legacy data (*)
(Estimated storage used annually: 125GB)
Live data for 100 users with 300 GB legacy data (*)
(Estimated storage used annually: 350GB)
Your specific scenario

(*) Price considers (a) Cumulative Storage by live archival and the legacy data (b) Access by one user (c) Migration costs for the legacy data. Assumes an annual average growth in the mailbox of a user to be 0.5GB

? What is your Email Usage Pattern as per Industry standards?

How Vaultastic is Designed to Optimise Data Management Costs

On-Demand data management services to optimise cost without compromise
How Vaultastic delivers Data Resiliency for Financial Services Institutes (3 min video)


  • Pricing Subscription
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  • 1. What is pay-per-use pricing, and how does it benefit me?

    Pay-Per-Use allows you to use the data services you need without worrying about over or under-provisioning, keeping pace with your needs, and saving up to 30% over fixed provisioning.

    No long-term contracts. No minimum purchase. No upfront payment. No complex licensing.

    With this model, your storage, access, and data movement usage is metered daily and billed monthly in arrears.

    Pay-per-use will help you save up to @25% year on year and can be a great way to optimize cash flow.

    Learn more about our pay-per-use billing model.

  • 2. What are the Vaultastic services which are individually metered and billed? What are the prices for each of these services?

    To store and manage your data on Vaultastic, you pay for these components as per your actual usage:

    1. Active and Inactive Storage consumption
    2. User Access to the Applications
    3. On-demand Migration Services (Import, Retrieval, and Conversion.)

    Your usage of these services are metered daily and billed monthly in arrears.

    To store and manage your data on Vaultastic, you need to consider these components:
    1. Storage Pricing 2. Application Access Pricing 3. On-demand Service Pricing (for data import, retrieval and conversion.)
    Cloud Archiving and Data Management Services
    Active Storage- for frequently accessed, search-ready email data that needs access in seconds
    Inactive Storage- for long-term email data archiving accessed infrequently, once or twice a year
    User Access- self service portal for selected end users to access their own personal archives from the Active Store
    Common Data Migration services – use on-demand
    Import Data– Migrate historical email data from mailboxes, PST, EML files to the Active or Inactive store
    Export Data– Retrieve selected data from vaults or retrieve entire vaults as PST or EML files
    Convert Data- Copy and convert data from Active to Inactive storage and vice versa

  • 3. How does my monthly bill look?

    Your monthly bill is generated in arrears (month end) considering the total of your daily usage of the storage, access, and migration services. The unit of measure for each of these services is granular to a day.

    So your bill will contain your storage usage in GB_days, your access in User_days, and migration services in GBs. Learn more about Vaultastic’s billing model and units of measure.

    Here is a sample bill for your reference and a 3 min video explaining the pricing model.


  • 4. How will my bill change if my user base grows?

    Vaultastic does not charge you for the number of users who are archiving emails (number of vaults) and does not limit the size of the vaults in any way.

    Vaultastic only bills you for the cumulative storage consumption (Active and Inactive separately), access, and data movement.

    Hence as your user base grows, your bill will grow proportional to the increased consumption of storage by these new users.

    It’s important to note that your bill will shrink if your user base reduces and you delete those vaults.

    How does Vaultastic optimize my data management costs?

    Vaultastic works hard along multiple dimensions to continually optimize costs and cash flow for you: Here are some of the strategies deployed by our cloud data management platform:

    1. Storage tiering to segregate actively used data from aging infrequently accessed data.
    2. Pay-per-use pricing model to enable on-demand consumption of our services. Paying only for what you use can save up to 25% yearly.
    3. De-duplication to eliminate redundant data can save up to 47% on storage consumption, resulting in direct benefits in the costs.

    High-performing ediscovery, easy migration tools, operational automation at multiple levels, and APIs reduce the manual effort required for backups, search, migration, and data extraction driving up productivity by up to 30%.

  • 5. If I choose the “optimized for speed” configuration of Vaultastic, can I change it to “optimize for cost” later?

    Absolutely. It’s simply a configuration to enable the movement of aging data to the Inactive (cold) store. The cost benefits of this change reflect in your upcoming bills.

  • 6. How do I buy additional storage?

    When you subscribe to Vaultastic, you sign up for elastic, bottomless storage. You do not need to provision any storage at the start. And you do. not need to watch it fill since it never fills up.

    Vaultastic ingests your data as per your workflows and automatically grows your cumulative storage in real-time by only the required amount.


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