Flexible Pricing Plans for your Agile Data Management needs

Tiny organizations, SMEs with rapidly growing storage, scaling enterprises or large enterprises with humongous data? We’ve got plans to fit your need.

Optimized for speed. For SMEs needing on-demand access to growing email data volumes.
/GB/Month. Sold in 10GB packs(*)
/GB/Year. Sold in 10GB packs(*)

  • Popular uses
  • Supervision
  • Mailbox Storage Management
  • Investigation Support
  • Compliance Management
  • Backup, Search and Restore
  • Features
  • Cloud Email Data Archiving
  • Access for 5 users
  • 10GB packs of Active store
  • 25GB Migration credits per 10GB pack
  • Instant On-demand search
  • Monthly advance billing
  • Annual advance billing
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Optimized for cost. For scaling enterprises needing infrequent access to large volumes of data.
/GB/Month. Sold in 10GB packs(*)
/GB/Year. Sold in 10GB packs(*)

  • Popular uses
  • All uses of Power +
  • Preserve ex-employee data
  • Optimizing storage costs
  • Preserving notifications
  • Long-term data protection
  • Features
  • Cloud Data Archiving for Emails, Files & SaaS data
  • Access for 5 users
  • 10GB packs of Tiered store
  • 25GB Migration credits per 10GB pack
  • Multiple step search
  • Monthly advance billing
  • Annual advance billing
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For customized data management needs.
Pay Per Use
Granular billing

  • Popular uses
  • All uses of Power, Durability delivered with the flexibility of a pure consumption billing model.
  • Features
  • Cloud Data Archiving for Emails, Files & SaaS data.
  • Access as needed.
  • Tiered storage as needed
  • Migration as needed
  • Multiple step search
  • Monthly in arrears billing for actual usage
  • Annual advance billing for estimates
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(*) Taxes extra as applicable.
Still not sure which Vaultastic Plan is right for you?

Enjoy these features on all plans

Engineered for Security, Availability, Scalability & Reliability

  • Active email archiving
  • Provisioning
  • Retention
  • Reports
  • API
  • Cloud-native SaaS powered by AWS
  • SLA backed performance warranties
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • 24x7 support
  • Continuous security fixes, updates, and upgrades
Easy Administration
  • Provisioning of domains, vaults.
  • Role based security controls.
  • Information Governance, Extraction.
  • Dashboards, Reports
  • Unlimited Vaults
  • Unlimited size of Vaults
Bulletproof Security
  • Encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Strong authorization controls
  • Role-based access policies
  • Tamper proof vaults
  • Perpetual Audit trails
  • With directory systems like MS ADS for seamless authentications.
  • With other business application using web services and API.
  • Archive data from a wide variety of email platforms.
  • Import Legacy data
  • Export data in portable formats
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  • Pricing
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  • 1. What is Active and Tiered storage?

    Vaultastic has two kinds of storage services viz. Active or hot store and Open or cold store. The Active store contains email data which is indexed in real time ensuring that your data on the Active store is always search-ready. 

    To optimize costs, you may choose to split your data across the Active and Open store (tiering) based on the frequency of use. Typically the Active store contains recent email data, which is required on-demand. Files, SaaS data and aging email data required infrequently can be moved into the Open Store. 

    Learn more here.

  • 2. Which is the plan suitable for my use case?

    Your plan choice is primarily decided by your organization's size and data archiving requirements. The table below indicates the plan you can choose based on the speed and size of data growth and the type of data you want to archive. 

    Your organization profile You need to archive only 


    You need to archive 



    • 100-200 employees/users.
    • Low & steady data growth.
    • Frequent access to the archive.
    Power Durability
    Scaling organization

    • 200-1000 employees/users.
    • Rapidly growing data.
    • Long-term data retention is required.
    • Infrequent access to the archive.
    Durability Durability
    Large organization

    • 1000+ employees/users.
    • Large volumes of legacy data.
    • High volume & velocity of data generation.
    • Long-term data retention is required.
    • Infrequent access to the archive.
    Flexibility Flexibility

    We advice the Durability and Flexibility plans for rapidly growing data and large volumes of legacy data since these plans optimize Vaultastic for COST. 

    If you are still unsure about which plan is best for your needs, please contact us for a chat. Our experts are geared to answer your data management questions.

  • 3. How much archive storage do I need?

    While planning your archive storage requirements, consider the following dimensions to arrive at a volume.

    Dimension Description
    Number of users (A) You are archiving data for these users/employees. 

    Some of these may be un-manned systems or shared accounts that are used for sending notifications, reports, and handling support. 

    Annual average data growth per user in GBs. (B) This storage growth typically spans between 0.1GB to 5 GB and can go up to 10-15 GB in some extreme cases. 

    The storage growth depends on your industry vertical and the user’s role. 

    From our experience working with hundreds of customers, we’ve seen the following regular patterns:

    0.5 GB - Light usage with nominal use of attachments. Emails are mainly used for messaging. Approx 40 emails a day per user with an average size of 35KB per email. Small file creation averaging 1-2 files a day.

    1 GB - Medium usage with fair usage of attachments. Emails are used for messaging and transacting business documents. Approx 50 emails a day with an average size of 60KB. Mid-sized file creation averaging 2-4 files a day.

    1.5 GB - Heavy email usage with relatively large attachments. The whole business depends on Emails. Approx 60 emails a day with an average size of 70KB. Creation of large files, including media, averages 6-8 files daily.

    >1.5GB - Hefty usage. Typically unmanned system/notification email ids, heavy email users + file repositories.

    Volume of legacy data that needs archiving in GBs. (C) Most organizations carry large volumes of emails and files stored on offline storage devices or as raw data on cloud stores.

    You have PST, EML, or MBOX files for emails and pretty much any format files covering your business-critical data.


    Once you get the above numbers, you can apply the following formula to estimate your data storage requirements:

    Estimated storage required over the next 12 months = (A)*(B)+(C) 

    E.g., for a mid-sized manufacturing organization with 300 users, whose average annual growth per user is 0.5 GB and they are carrying 1TB of legacy data, their estimated storage requirement over the next 12 months is:

    300*0.5+1000 = 1150GB.

    If you are still unsure about how much storage you may need, please get in touch with us for a chat. Our experts are geared to answer your data management questions.

  • 4. What happens if I consume all the storage I purchased? How do I add more storage to my archive?

    If you are on the POWER or DURABILITY plan, you can add storage in 10GB packs. Each 10GB pack adds 25GB migration credits to your account.

    Vaultastic operates on a trust-based license to reduce disruption and friction when upgrading resources. Irrespective of the plan you use, the system will not stop archiving data if your storage overflows beyond your purchased quantities, provide access to more users, or migrate more data than the plan supports.  

    Our systems monitor overflow usage monthly and will send alerts to keep you informed. Alternatively, you can watch your subscription status via the Vaultastic Usage Dashboard.

    If our systems suggest a resource or plan upgrade for your account, our team will contact you and start a conversation.

    If you are on the FLEXIBILITY plan, your storage auto-expands as your consumption increases. There is no intervention required from your end. You pay for the actual usage, which we meter daily.

  • 5. How do I upgrade my subscription?

    Your upgrade path is defined in the table below:

    You can upgrade From To
    FLEXIBILITY plan Not applicable

    As mentioned in the answer above, Vaultastic operates on a trust based licensing. This means that we ensure your archiving, access or data movement never stops because you ran out of resources. Our systems monitor for overflow in usage and studies your growth pattern to suggest an optimal upgrade path. Our team will reach out in this scenario and discuss an optimal upgrade solution with you.

    Alternatively, contact us with your requirements, and we’ll be happy to help you with the next steps

  • 6. How do I renew my subscription at the end of the year or month?

    Your subscription is automatically renewed as per your billing cycle. There is nothing for you to do. Here is a table explaining this:

    Plan Your chosen billing cycle How it works
    POWER plan


    Monthly Advance Receive an invoice at the start of your monthly cycle. E.g., if you subscribed on the 5th, you are billed on the 5th of every month.
    Annual Advance Receive an invoice at the start of your yearly cycle. E.g., if you subscribed on the 14th of Jan, you are billed on the 14th of Jan every year.  
    FLEXIBILITY plan Monthly in arrears Usage is metered daily and billed at the end of the month.
    Annual advance for estimated usage Pay upfront for estimated quantities at the start of your yearly cycle. Receive a bill on the same day every year.
  • 7. What happens to my data when I upgrade my plan?

    Depending on your upgrade path, the data storage tiering is adjusted to the plan construct as explained below:

    Upgrade From To What Happens
    POWER FLEXIBILITY We do nothing. You now have the flexibility to define in what proportion you want to tier your data, and how many people can access this and more.
  • 8. What is the pay-per-use pricing model of the FLEXIBILITY plan?

    Pay-Per-Use allows you to use the data services you need without worrying about over or under-provisioning, keeping pace with your needs, and saving up to 30% over fixed provisioning.

    No long-term contracts. No minimum purchase. No upfront payment. No complex licensing.

    With this model, your storage, access, and data movement usage is metered daily and billed monthly in arrears or annually in advance based on estimated usage. 

    Pay-per-use will help you save up to @25% year on year and can be a great way to optimize cash flow.

    Get an overview on the pay-per-use model here, browse through faqs here and learn in detail here.

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