Secure Email Archiving Solution

Store email in Tamper Proof vaults, Search, Retrieve and Export selectively Managing Risks and ensuring Compliance is critical to a Disruption free Business Solutions for all Stakeholders

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- Radicati

True Saas

Vaultastic is one of the premier cloud based email archiving solutions, which offers a true SaaS platform on the AWS Cloud, with strong data integrity, flexible pricing plans, robust features, and guaranteed performance to meet the most stringent information management needs.

Super Easy

Vaultastic’s email archiving solutions comes with unlimited storage, a DIY end-user interface, and an e-Discovery portal to make managing your archive store very simple.

Super Safe

Vaultastic offers Extreme Data Durability, Tamper proof archive accounts, compliance archiving, and an unbreakable Multi-Layered Shared Security Framework to ensure that your data is safe for life.

Vaultastic's cloud based email archiving works cross-platform and ensures cloud based email archiving from Microsoft O365, Google GSuite, Zimbra, Mdaemon, MailEnable, CPanel, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and more using inline journaling, where a copy of the email is diverted to Vaultastic even before delivery to the user's mailbox.

Vaultastic makes it easy to bring data into the archive store by simply switching on journaling within your primary email platform. Features like auto user creation, automatically expanding elastic storage, and unlimited storage on our plans, makes provisioning fully automatic and easy. Similarly, Vaultastic provides multiple easy options to extract data from the archives, allowing export in PST or EML formats or in bulk using the option of an export to an S3 bucket in your AWS account. For large data sizes, you can even opt for the AWS snowball to facilitate physical data transfer.

Fast, Flexible

Every mail is indexed as soon as it is archived, making the eDiscovery work in real time to provide you with relevant results in seconds. The eDiscovery capability is flexible and allows you to choose the archive accounts to be indexed and searchable globally. Additionally you can even define sub groups of users, whose mails are discoverable only by the group leader. eDiscovery can now be used for global compliance, supervision within departments, or a hyper fast personal search for each user to discover useful information.

Flexible, Secure

Vaultastic is a fully managed SaaS secure email archiving platform with no requirement of infrastructure or maintenance man-power at your end. We have observed that not all users in an organisation may need the same level of retention of email, which means that since we allow you the flexibility to mix plans amongst your users, you consume only how much you need from the platform, thus optimising your costs. The administration portal is fully secured with roles, enabling you to define levels of administration to help manage your use of the platform. E.g. only the compliance officer can be given full eDiscovery access to all users.

DIY Self-service portal
for end users

A secure, read only, self-service portal helps users access their own archive accounts to search and restore mails. The users can also Reply to or Forward mails directly from the portal (if allowed as a policy). Since the user can help himself on demand, it helps to increase productivity of users and the IT team.

Solutions for all Stakeholders

Whatever your role, Vaultastic has got you covered


You want to ensure safety and reliability of your email archive, while allowing an anytime, anywhere access to the archive. You don't want to worry about the safety of your business' critical email anymore.

Vaultastic's true SaaS delivers to the most stringent information management needs!


Your business is always at risk, with new threats, attacks, data leakage via email, and more. While you manage all this, you don't want to be worried about the safety and security of your business' critical information.

Vaultastic's Cloud email Archiving is your best defence!

IT Ops

You are burdened with requests to restore lost mail, recover mailboxes, search for specific email and cater to compliance requests. You don't want to worry about reliability of the backups and speed of recovery.

Vaultastic's extreme data durability and flexible eDiscovery solutions deliver!


You lose time requesting IT to pull out an old mail and to recover your mailbox, with no guarantees of getting your data. You are worried about a bloating mailbox and loss of productivity while working with email.

Vaultastic's DIY Self-service portal is the way to go!

How Vaultastic Works
(3 mins) Get a quick overview of why archiving email is critical for your business and how Vaultastic works to safe keep your email in the cloud. An easy explanation of the behind the scenes working of email archival.
Vaultastic Demo
(9 mins) See Vaultastic in action via this video showing the administration panel, ediscorery and the DIY self service user portal. An easy way to get to know how the product looks and feels.
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