In an increasingly Digital and Regulated world, organizations must preserve and manage business data to:

  • Reduce Business Risks
  • Improve Compliance readiness
  • Stay Litigation-ready
  • Optimize Storage Costs
  • Ensure Accessibility
  • Guarantee Privacy
Of the data we generate today is unstructured (CIO)
Of businesses site the need to manage unstructured data as a problem for their business (Forbes)
Or more of this unstructured data is stored in emails (Most global estimates)
Business critical data is stored exclusively in email (IDC)
An average business user transacts 160 emails daily (as in 2022, source: Earthweb) Accumulating 4 GB of data in a year. A hundred user organization adds 400GB in a year

The volume, variety and velocity of business communications makes expedient methods unsuitable long-term data protection

IT Team burdened with requests
Vaultastic - Personal email archive software and system
Business communications needed as a documentary proof
Cloud based email archiving solutions and software
Employees spend up to 1.8 hours every day locating information
Best cloud based email archiving solutions and software

Modernise Data Management with Vaultastic Centralised, Independent and Elastic Cloud Archival.

A centralized and independent cloud repository with on-demand services for discovery and extraction, enables simple high volume data protection for organisations of any size at optimal costs
Ensure Business Continuity
One of the best email archiving systems and solutions
Make data more Accessible
Make data more accessible with best email archiving solutions and software
Automate Data Management tasks
Best email archival solutions and systems

Increased Visibility and Availability of business-critical data with Vaultastic.

Best email archival system that increases the visibility & availability of business-critical data

Vaultastic reduces the Risk, Cost, and Complexity of Managing High Volume Data.

Single Pane of Glass
Deep Ediscovery
Easy Data Extraction
Optimizes Storage

Retire Tech Debt. Save Upto 60%. Improve Productivity.

  • Optimize Costs and performance
  • Safe Backup & Data Portability
  • Enable Supervisory Audit
  • Compliance and Litigation readiness
  • 60% Cost Optimization
  • Improved Business Agility
  • Superior Risk Management
  • Productivity Boost

A Quick Summary of Vaultastic’s Data Agility & Security features.

Built on AWS Cloud-native platform Cross platform
Hierarchical Storage Legacy Data import Self Serve Model
Efficient de-duplication Independent immutable store On-Demand Services
11 9's durability Automated Migrations Multi-layered Security
Multi-level E-discovery Data Portability Stored queries
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