Modern day data threats are growing

Poor protection, visibility, and access to business-critical data can increase risks for a business like:
  • Compliance Defaults
  • Data Loss
  • Loss of Productivity
  • Rising Costs
  • Loss of Trust
  • Litigations
Modern day data threats are growing

The need to protect and manage data especially unstructured data carried in business communication and documents is enormous.

80%-90%of the data we generate today is unstructured (CIO)
90% Businesses would want to manage unstructured data better (Forbes)
9.3 hours/week avg. time spent by employees every week searching and gathering information (McKinsey)
40% users experience Data Loss on SaaS Apps (InfoSecurity)

Many organizations, however, lag in tools, methods, and strategies to handle modern data management needs that come from:

A high number and frequency of data access. requests for historical data to support operations.

High Volume, Variety, and Velocity of Business data getting generated from a faster pace of digitization.

Regulatory mandates for long-term data retention of Business communications.

Modernize Data Management with Vaultastic

Vaultastic provides a dependable platform to protect and manage business-critical data and create a centralized agile data source to support business continuity and growth.

Ensure Business Continuity with assured data protection.

Improve business response with faster data access.

Optimize costs by automating data management tasks.

We designed Vaultastic to protect, discover, and activate data easily and fast.

Gain Data Agility with on-demand cloud and data services that cover the complete data management life cycle

Live Data Archiving
Automated Data Migration
Conditional Data Retention
Role Based Access
Quick Ediscovery
Granular Data Extraction & Activation
Retire Tech Debt. Save Up to 60%. Improve Productivity. Risk-Free Adoption Zero Disruption Deployment Ensure Business Continuity Gain Agility with a Modern data platform Complete Data Portability Flexible Subscription Management Upto 60% Cost Optimisation

Address a wide range of Data Management use cases for your information-driven business

Address a wide range of Data Management use cases for your information-driven business
Enhance your Legal and Compliance readiness.
Comply with Data Retention Policies and Regulations.
Protect high-volume Current and Ex-employee Data at optimized costs.
Manage Data Storage Growth and optimize SaaS subscription costs.
Gain Control with Supervisory Access and Oversight.
Backup Files, Email, and SaaS data for fast retrieval.
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