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Cross Platform. Open. Elastic.

Vaultastic can connect and ingests data across platforms to enable a common and centralised data repository to reverse fragmentation

Vaultastic eases Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance across Industries.

Vaultastic delivers rich cloud tools for protection, discovery, extraction, and governance to cater to unique data management challenges across sectors.
Banking & Financial services

Banks & Financial services companies manage funds and hold sensitive data of their customers, including personally identifiable information (PII) and financial information.

Thus, reducing penalties and litigation risks associated with data violations is a top priority for BFSI organizations.

Learn how Vaultastic helps the Financial services sector reduce risks and improve compliance readiness.

Manufacturing companies leverage intellectual property to design and produce their products and processes, which gives them a competitive edge in the market.

Thus, protecting their critical data, complying with industry regulations such as GDPR, and reducing penalties and litigation risks associated with contract enforcement are top priorities for manufacturing organizations.

Learn how Vaultastic helps the Manufacturing sector gain the data advantage.

Teams at pharmaceutical companies create and leverage intellectual property during drug discovery, trials, and engagements with partners, licensors, etc.

Thus, keeping this data safe in this heavily regulated industry is critical, mandatory, and a top priority for pharmaceutical organizations.

Learn how Vaultastic helps Pharmaceutical companies unlock value trapped in data.

Healthcare teams face challenges while coordinating work and exchanging documents with medical professionals, labs, and patients via email.

Thus, keeping this data safe while maintaining compliance with HIPAA and GDPR to protect patient privacy and reduce penalties and litigation risks associated with contract enforcement is a top priority for healthcare organizations.

Learn how Vaultastic helps Healthcare companies build and maintain their reputation.

ITES companies engage with partners and customers over email to exchange knowledge, expertise, plans, responses to queries, reports, and other sensitive information.

The customers of most ITES companies regulate them to comply with their security norms since they have access to classified and sensitive information about the customer during their service delivery.

Learn how Vaultastic helps ITES companies build trust with their customers.

Government bodies handle large amounts of critical data of personal citizen data, project plans, reports, complaints, notifications, user records, public policies, purchases, etc.

Without a cyber-resilient data preservation and management approach, the government bodies risk devastating impacts on local service delivery, loss of public trust, and punitive regulatory fines for failure to secure the personal data of the public they serve.

Learn how Vaultastic helps Governments improve citizen services.

Solve Data Management challenges with Cloud Data Protection

Vaultastic enables foundational data management use-cases for today’s data-driven digital business environment.
Supervision/Oversight of activities

A central data repository with role-based access enables supervisory controls and visibility.

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Improve Compliance readiness

Immutable storage, Deep ediscovery, and case management tools make the task of audits and investigations easier.

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On-demand Data Access

A central, search-ready data repository ensures on-demand access from anywhere.

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Optimally Preserve ex-employee data

Leverage storage tiering to optimize up to 60% of costs of long-term, high volume data preservation and management.

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Reversing Data Fragmentation

Email Data preserved in portable formats in a central cloud repository is an excellent alternative to traditionally stored and fragmented email data.

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Storage Management for Optimizing Costs

Better management of data preservation and retention can slow down rapidly growing email storage costs.

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