Solve Data Management challenges with Cloud Data Protection

Vaultastic enables foundational data management use-cases for today’s data-driven digital business environment.
Supervision/Oversight of activities

A central data repository with role-based access enables supervisory controls and visibility.

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Improve Compliance readiness

Immutable storage, Deep ediscovery, and case management tools make the task of audits and investigations easier.

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On-demand Data Access

A central, search-ready data repository ensures on-demand access from anywhere.

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Optimally Preserve ex-employee data

Leverage storage tiering to optimize up to 60% of costs of long-term, high volume data preservation and management.

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Reversing Data Fragmentation

Email Data preserved in portable formats in a central cloud repository is an excellent alternative to traditionally stored and fragmented email data.

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Storage Management for Optimizing Costs

Better management of data preservation and retention can slow down rapidly growing email storage costs.

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