Email boxes are growing to maximum limits on MS 365, MS Exchange, Google Workspace, or other email solutions.

challenges in data storage and management

Increasing digitization is causing organizations to rely heavily on digital business communication channels, with the ubiquitous email being the primary tool.

And, with an average user’s mailbox growing at 4GB annually, organizations now face severe challenges in data storage and management.

Thus even though most cloud or hosted email services provide sufficiently large mailboxes suitable to start with, they soon fill up.

Traditional Email Preservation Methods make Email Storage Management Unproductive, Risky, and Costly.

To counteract these challenges in data storage and data management, users and IT teams typically download and delete aging or non-critical emails to reclaim mailbox space. Besides the loss of productive hours and the high risk of data loss, this method creates fragmentation making information search challenging.

Alternatively, you may purchase advanced plans with higher storage, which can be prohibitively expensive.
Ready to evaluate Vaultastic?

Vaultastic’s Storage Tiering eases Email Storage Management.

Vaultastic’s Storage Tiering for superior Email Storage Management

Tiered Data Storage Architecture

Vaultastic’s cloud email archiving service automatically ingests and preserves active emails from your primary mail solution in real-time, thus freeing you to apply a retention policy on the active mailboxes and restrict their growth.

Your users can access recent emails via the active mailboxes and all older emails from the Vaultastic Ediscovery console, quickly locating specific pieces of information and documents buried anywhere in the email store.

Optimize further, up to 60% costs.

Leverage one more level of storage tiering to automatically move infrequently used aging data to the Vaultastic Inactive (cold) store and save even more.

A storage tiering architecture will spread your data across HOT (recent, current emails), WARM (near past data) and COLD (aged and infrequently used emails) cloud stores to save up to 60% costs.

Remember, it’s costlier to store emails on active mailboxes than in an archive like Vaultastic, which works hard to optimize storage costs across the entire data life cycle.

As a result, you have mitigated the challenges in data storage and management without buying expensive plan upgrades while ensuring data protection for all your email data at much-reduced costs.

Benefits of Vaultastic as an Email Storage Management solution

Vaultastic’s data storage management tools deliver substantial benefits while helping you mitigate challenges faced in data storage and data management.
Benefits of Vaultastic as an Email Storage Management solution

Consistent Mail Performance

A regulated active mailbox size will deliver a consistent mail application performance to your users.

Legal and Compliance ready

The resultant, centralized search-ready repository of ALL your email data enables quick response to information requests, improving your legal and audit readiness.

Save up to 60%

You save up to 60% on data storage management costs by maintaining your essential email solution subscription while offloading aging data to cloud storage optimized for costs.

Reduced Data Risks

A robust multi-layered shared security architecture ensures that all your critical email data is safe, immutable and fully secured against any threats. That’s peace of mind.
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The Vaultastic Edge for Email Archiving

Vaultastic, helps businesses centrally preserve, discover, and manage large volumes of email data with ease and considerable cost savings.
Centralized archive
An elastic archive keeps all your emails online and search-ready in durable, tamper-evident vaults to help you respond to compliance requests quickly, accurately, and with confidence.
Compliance Management
Deep e-discovery using boolean constructs on mail attributes, message content, and date along with legal hold capabilities, support compliance, and legal evidence requests
Multi-layered security
Building on AWS’s shared security model, Vaultastic delivers bullet-proof security “IN” the cloud to protect against cyber-attacks and ensures that your sensitive data stored on our platform is encrypted, immutable, and tamper-resistant.
Automated migrations
Vaultastic bundles automated migration tools for rapid and accurate ingestion of historical email archives into the central repository for long-term, durable protection of business-critical data.
Durable archive
As a perpetual archive in separate operational cloud infrastructure, Vaultastic delivers superior data durability (11 9’s), storing immutable copies of your email data in multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers) of AWS.
Rich set of cloud tools
Vaultastic cloud email archiving solution provides a rich set of cloud and data services to efficiently & securely manage the operational and legacy data. Find a mail, support a large ediscovery, export data, govern information, and more.

Cross Platform. Independent. Open

Vaultastic can connect and ingests data across platforms to enable a common and centralised data repository to reverse fragmentation


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  • 1. How does this Email Storage solution help me stay within my purchased mailbox limits of 30GB or 50GB?

    By deploying Vaultastic, you will automatically archive a copy of every mail to an independent, safe, and secure infrastructure. 

    Now it’s safe to delete emails from your active mailboxes since you will find them on Vaultastic. So, by deploying an automatic retention policy on your primary mailboxes (like retain emails of only the last two years and delete the rest), you can curtail the size of your mailboxes to stay within limits.

    Learn more about this email storage solution works.

  • 2. Once I archive emails to Vaultastic, is it safe for me to delete aging emails from my primary mailboxes? Do I need to maintain another backup?

    Vaultastic delivers robust data durability and availability with a disaster recovery site that stores multiple redundant copies of your emails. A copy of all your emails is saved in Vaultastic’s extremely durable cloud storage (11 9’s of durability), ensuring that your chance of losing data is near zero. Learn more.

  • 3. I practice periodically downloading old mail from my users’ mailboxes to PST files and storing them offline, which works for me. Why should I adopt Vaultastic as an Email Storage Management solution?

    These traditional methods are limiting:

    Manual process leading to low productivity: 

    Your IT Team, currently engaged in this work, can be doing something which adds more value to your business.

    Risk of Data loss:

    Since your capture is periodic, you will likely miss any added and deleted emails in the gap. Also, the human element and traditional storage devices fragment data and open it to tampering, theft, and loss.

    Difficult to find information:

    The fragmented, raw data makes it challenging to locate specific information quickly and accurately when requested during litigation or audits.

    Vaultastic’s data storage management tools address the above and more challenges faced in data storage and data management. Learn more

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