Challenges of Audit and Compliance Management

Organizations need to manage the risk related to information leakage and ensure regulatory compliance regarding supervision and reporting of email communications.

To ensure compliance, organizations often need the help of external legal experts, auditors, and enforcement agencies to review potential policy violations and decide the course of action.

Cost-effective long-term data protection with new-age tools for ediscovery, extraction, sharing and collaboration are the foundation of a productive legal, and compliance risk management setup.

It’s not easy, however.

Growing Regulatory demands and Cybersecurity threats

The continually evolving regulatory landscape, stringent data protection/privacy laws, and growing cyberattacks targeting critical information challenges already burdened IT teams.

IT Teams are expected to preserve data securely and respond rapidly and accurately to legal and compliance queries while managing the need for greater security and enhanced productivity.

Scattered information makes ediscovery and compliance auditing difficult.

Other methods of preserving email data often fragment the information and make it highly challenging to find information easily, accurately, and quickly.

Early case management for compliance violations can create a privacy risk.

Once an internal auditor finds a potential breach/violation, traditional methods of sharing this information with external auditors, law enforcement agencies, or other members of the compliance teams can create a threat to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the data.
Challenges of Audit and Compliance Management

Key Facts:

$5b is the annual litigation spend by Indian Inc growing at 9% pa
(Economic Times)
9.3 hours average time spent by employees every week searching and gathering Information

The Vaultastic solution eases your burden of Regulatory Compliance management.

A central, consolidated data repository carrying active and legacy data, with powerful ediscovery, extraction, and case management tools, can mitigate this challenge almost entirely.

Using Vaultastic’s central cloud archive, your business can reduce the effort and time required to respond to investigation queries and comply with regulatory compliance audits.

Vaultastic can also ease how you handle legal challenges and compliance with government data protection and privacy laws such as European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Robust foundation to support Legal and Compliance management

Vaultastic delivers comprehensive compliance, e-discovery, and litigation support with new-age cloud tools for cost-effective, centralized, long-term data retention, deep ediscovery, legal hold, case management workflows, and data export in portable formats.

Related: Compliance with laws and regulations requires long-term data retention as a foundational IT strategy.

Immutable data storage by default reduces compliance and regulatory risk.

Regulators expect you to retain data as tamper-proof and immutable to serve as admissible electronic evidence in legal proceedings. Vaultastic’s data storage is immutable by default.

Ediscovery Automation features catch compliance violations proactively.

Deep discovery, with saved searches, can enable periodic single click re-runs to capture compliance violations proactively.

Secure, private, and effective case reviews involving external compliance teams

Detect potential breaches, flag them and share them securely and privately with selected internal and external auditors and legal experts.

Vaultastic supports easy tools for the stakeholders to post their views on the flagged content and have discussions to arrive at a decision.

This discussion also gets recorded with the flagged content as a lifetime record for future reference and learning.

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Self-Service ediscovery views for auditors boost efficiency

You can provide restricted self-service ediscovery access to auditors for specific queries and investigations to de-burden IT teams.
The Vaultastic solution eases your burden of Regulatory Compliance management.

Benefits of Vaultastic as your Enterprise Compliance Management solution

Single Pane of Glass

A single pane of glass helps you gain efficiencies while managing the regulatory audit and compliance process.

Increased Privacy during Case Management

The compliaince workflow tools reduce the risk of data leakage since the data under investigation can never get copied, downloaded, or shared from the app.

Learn more.

Easier and speedier resolution of issues via an integrated process

Vaultastic’s integrated case management tool speeds up discussion and resolution of compliance violations. It also maintains a permanent record of all breaches and the discussions leading up to the answer, with timelines.

Data Residency to comply with Government regulations

Vaultastic offers a choice of regions for storing your data, ensuring compliance with data residency regulations of governments and industry bodies.

Reduce Legal and Compliance costs

Vaultastic’s deep e-discovery uses boolean constructs on mail attributes, message content, date, and legal hold capabilities to support rapid and accurate responses to compliance and legal evidence requests.

This fast search capability reduces risk and litigation costs.

Portable Formats to efficiently serve audit requests.

Vaultastic enables easy export of the ediscovery results or an entire vault into portable format files for directly sharing with auditors and compliance officers.

An in-built Disaster Recovery site

Improves data durability and availability with a perpetual archive backed by a disaster recovery site that stores multiple redundant copies of your emails.
Benefits of Vaultastic as your Enterprise Compliance Management solution
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The Vaultastic Edge

The new-age Vaultastic platform helps businesses securely and efficiently manage large volumes of data with considerable cost savings and total peace of mind
Performance that Scales
Say No to Data Fragmentation. A scalable, elastic archive keeps all your operational and legacy data online and search-ready in durable, tamper-evident vaults to help you quickly, accurately, and confidently respond to data access or recovery requests.
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Bulletproof Security
Say Yes to Peace of Mind. Building on AWS’s shared security model, Vaultastic provides a comprehensive cloud security framework beyond just security settings. It ensures uninterrupted monitoring and closed-loop feedback for long-term mitigation of risks to build cyber resilience.
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Rock Solid Reliability
Say Bye to RTO/RPO anxiety. As a perpetual archive in separate operational cloud infrastructure, Vaultastic delivers superior data durability (11 9’s) and high availability, storing immutable copies of your data in multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers) of AWS.
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Rich Cloud & Data Services
Say Yes to High Productivity. Import data at scale, find data instantly, extract data in bulk, export data in portable formats, govern information, and more. Vaultastic provides a rich set of cloud and data services to efficiently & securely manage your active and legacy data.
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Data Lifecycle services
Say Yes to On-Demand. We engineered Vaultastic to manage your data and optimize costs using specialized tools across the complete data lifecycle. Cutting-edge tools support the transition of legacy data -> live/active -> reference -> Inactive, and finally -> out-of-use data.
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Up to 60% Cost Optimization
Say No to High Costs. Vaultastic optimizes data management costs along multiple dimensions to deliver ongoing unbeatable savings even as your data size keeps growing. Some strategies include powerful deduplication, storage tiering, pay-per-use, automation, and more.
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Cross Platform. Independent. Open

Vaultastic can connect and ingests data across platforms to enable a common and centralised data repository to reverse fragmentation


  • Legal and Compliance management
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  • 1. During an investigation, how do I quickly search and extract my archived email data on Vaultastic?

    Vaultastic offers role-based access to your archived data. 

    Depending on your use case, you can enable self-service individual vault access, department-level access, or complete auditor-level access for selected users to de-burden IT teams and boost productivity. 

    The user or auditor can log in to the Vaultastic App and run deep ediscovery queries, and export selected data in portable formats for further processing.

    The Vaultastic app is a cloud web application accessed anywhere using a browser.

  • 2. Can I provide secured, selective access to mail vaults on Vaultastic to an external auditor in an audit scenario?

    Absolutely and it's a recommended practice to optimize productivity. 

    Once you receive a data access request, you can enable auditor access and allow secure, read-only access to selected vaults

    You can also control whether the auditor can export the data, print it, or forward those emails. Once the audit is complete, you can disable access. 

  • 3. When a user is under investigation, the vault has to be on legal hold, and no deletion or retention policies should apply to this vault. Does Vaultastic support a legal hold?

    Yes, you can mark a vault as a legal hold in Vaultastic. A vault under legal hold will be exempt from applying retention policies and any actions to delete the vault. Learn more.

  • 4. The auditors want email data of specific users of a particular period in the PST format. Can Vaulastic do this?

    Absolutely and very quickly too. Vaultastic's deep discovery tools will enable quick location of the email data of the specific users and the period. You can then export the data in PST format.

  • 5. My data size is enormous and is continually growing. How does Vaultastic preserve such large volumes of data without a proportional increase in cost?

    Vaultastic integrates Legacyflo, the scalable migration tool, which can very easily import this data into respective vaults. Considering the size, we may recommend using the AWS snowball to physically move this data into the cloud to speed up the import.

    For such extensive data and as it grows further, Vaultastic can deploy storage tiering to segregate recent, frequently used emails in the Active (hot) store and aging infrequently used emails into the Open (cold) Store.

    Vaultastic's storage tiering can optimize costs of long-term retention of high volume data by up to 60%. 

    Learn more in this live case study.

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