Get started quickly with Vaultastic’s on-demand cloud data protection and management

  • Email Backup
    Cost-effective email backup of M365 & Google Workspace
  • Legacy Email Archival
    Manage large legacy email data archives efficiently
  • Cloud Data Protection
    Securely backup and protect email data to reduce risks
  • Retention Management
    Information Governance to manage retention
  • Compliance
    Comply with industry regulations to improve reputation
  • Storage Management
    Manage ever-growing email boxes to optimize costs

Gain the data advantage for your business with cloud data archival & protection

Vaultastic’s provides on-demand cloud data protection software and tools to help solve modern data management challenges

Scalable, complete capture of all active email data in real-time using journaling
Hierarchical Storage
Automated migration tools for rapid and accurate ingestion of historical email archives into the central repository for long-term, durable protection of business-critical data.
Retention Policies
Leverage hierarchical storage to manage data across the data lifecycle to optimize storage costs.
Quick Discovery
Deep e-discovery using boolean constructs on mail attributes, message content, and date, along with legal hold capabilities to support compliance and legal evidence requests.
Role-based Access
Enable users, administrators, and auditors to quickly find a single email or support a larger e-discovery case via a role-based self-service portal.
Easy Data Extraction
Enable easy export of the ediscovery results or an entire vault into portable files for smooth integration with email clients or analytic tools.
Legacy Hold
Support information governance with data retention policies to help you manage vault sizes.
Automated Migration
Reduce the time required to respond to compliance, litigation, and evidence discovery requests.

The Vaultastic Edge

The new-age Vaultastic platform helps businesses securely and efficiently manage large volumes of data with considerable cost savings and total peace of mind
Performance that Scales
Say No to Data Fragmentation. A scalable, elastic archive keeps all your operational and legacy data online and search-ready in durable, tamper-evident vaults to help you quickly, accurately, and confidently respond to data access or recovery requests.
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Bulletproof Security
Say Yes to Peace of Mind. Building on AWS’s shared security model, Vaultastic provides a comprehensive cloud security framework beyond just security settings. It ensures uninterrupted monitoring and closed-loop feedback for long-term mitigation of risks to build cyber resilience.
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Rock Solid Reliability
Say Bye to RTO/RPO anxiety. As a perpetual archive in separate operational cloud infrastructure, Vaultastic delivers superior data durability (11 9’s) and high availability, storing immutable copies of your data in multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers) of AWS.
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Rich Cloud & Data Services
Say Yes to High Productivity. Import data at scale, find data instantly, extract data in bulk, export data in portable formats, govern information, and more. Vaultastic provides a rich set of cloud and data services to efficiently & securely manage your active and legacy data.
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Data Lifecycle services
Say Yes to On-Demand. We engineered Vaultastic to manage your data and optimize costs using specialized tools across the complete data lifecycle. Cutting-edge tools support the transition of legacy data -> live/active -> reference -> Inactive, and finally -> out-of-use data.
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Up to 60% Cost Optimization
Say No to High Costs. Vaultastic optimizes data management costs along multiple dimensions to deliver ongoing unbeatable savings even as your data size keeps growing. Some strategies include powerful deduplication, storage tiering, pay-per-use, automation, and more.
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Watch recordings of email archiving webinars to understand in depth how enterprise email archiving can benefit you. Most of our webinars are well-researched stories about live customer use cases, as narrated by the customer and an AWS team member Live.
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