Why is it important to preserve email data
60% critical information is in email
Lean active mailboxes
Find lost or deleted email
Unlock trapped value

In addition to data corruption at end points or complete loss of end points, users can accidentally or intentionally delete valuable email, putting the organisation at a grave risk.

94 percent of companies that experience severe data loss do not recover
From an opportunity perspective, organisations who preserve email and can discover on demand are in a strong position to unlock the value trapped in historical email data and leverage email data as an asset by finding reusable knowledge pieces, conversations, usage patterns, and run analytics to gain business insights.

Data Fragmentation: As employees come and go, their email data is collected and stored on various mediums such as tapes, drives, suspended mailboxes, endpoints, etc., creating fragmentation of the data, spread across the organization.
Raw unusable data: Traditional methods of preserving email data used by many organizations, increase data related risks and are not useful since all this data is stored in the raw form, making it difficult to access, search and leverage this accumulated wealth of information for business decisions, insights, knowledge discovery and extraction.
Data loss, theft, exposure: From out-of-control endpoints, businesses face the possibility of losing data and exposure of information putting the business at grave risk since email is carrier of critical and many times classified information.
Lack of a migration strategy, tools and ease: You are ready to de-risk and move all your data into a single archive. However, migrating all this fragmented information from traditional archive environments into a central cloud environment can be a time consuming, human intensive and difficult.

Archive all email sent and received, protect the value in email data and make it available easily, and on demand.

Automated ingestion of email, automated migration tools supporting various email data formats, can help reduce the pain of capturing all email and migrating large volumes of legacy data from the traditional archive environments in-premise.

At Mithi, we are helping organisations just like yours, reduce the impact of fragmentation across the organisation by centralising email data in reliable, secure and always available email archives.

Besides archiving live email, Vaultastic supports easy automated upload of legacy email data to create an active email data lake, available for discovery and extraction on-demand to various stake holders.

Our archiving and ediscovery platform, Vaultastic, is an elastic cloud-native email data management solution making email data secure, accessible & useful while lowering business risks, reducing the operational and capital expenses and ensuring compliance readiness.
The Vaultastic Edge
Specifically, to address the challenges of safe preservation, management and extraction of email data, the following capabilities can help:
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