Why is it important to preserve email data to stay compliant
60% critical information is in email
Growing need for Compliance
Growing need for Information Governance
Regulated organisations must carefully deploy data retention and management policies for the emails of their staff to ensure availability for the right amount of time, control download and sharing of information and ensure accurate disposal of the data.

Data Fragmentation: As employees come and go, their email data is collected and stored on various mediums such as tapes, drives, suspended mailboxes, endpoints, etc., creating fragmentation of the data, spread across the organization.
Raw unusable data: Traditional methods of preserving email data used by many organizations, increase data related risks and are not useful since all this data is stored in the raw form, making it difficult to access, search and extract in order to respond to compliance requests in a timebound and accurate manner.
Data loss, theft, exposure: From out-of-control endpoints, businesses face the possibility of losing data and exposure of information putting the business at grave risk of having incomplete information during legal or compliance investigations, since email is carrier of critical and many times classified information.
Poor Discovery and Extraction tools: Passive data lakes make it difficult to search for and extract relevant information within the timelines stipulated by the regulatory authorities.

Archive all email sent and received in a single, central, safe cloud repository, protect the value in email data and make it available easily, and on demand.

Automated ingestion of email, automated migration tools supporting various email data formats, can help reduce the pain of capturing all email and migrating large volumes of legacy data from the traditional archive environments in-premise.

At Mithi, we are helping organisations just like yours, reduce the impact of fragmentation across the organisation by centralising email data in reliable, secure and always available email archives.

Vaultastic supports fast, accurate ediscovery along with case management tools, to help you collaborate with various teams on the search results, which help quickly respond to compliance and legal investigations.

Our archiving and ediscovery platform, Vaultastic, is an elastic cloud-native email data management solution making email data secure, accessible & useful while lowering business risks, reducing the operational and capital expenses and ensuring compliance readiness.
The Vaultastic Edge
Specifically, to address the challenges of meeting compliance regulations pertaining to email data, the following capabilities can help:
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