Challenges of a traditional email storage solutions

Why are Email Archiving Solutions essential?

In a fast-digitizing world, Email carries a bulk of the unstructured data and a significant portion of an enterprise's business-critical & sensitive information.

An average business user transacts 160 emails daily (as in 2022, source: Earthweb) Accumulating 4 GB of data in a year. A hundred user organization adds 400GB in a year

Businesses have no option but to preserve email data to meet regulatory compliance and adhere to local data protection laws.

Essentially Email Archiving Services are required to

  • Reduce Business Risks
  • Improve Compliance readiness
  • Stay Litigation ready
  • Optimize Storage Costs
  • Ensure Accessibility
  • Guarantee Privacy

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Of the data we generate today is unstructured (CIO)
Of businesses site the need to manage unstructured data as a problem for their business (Forbes)
Or more of this unstructured data is stored in emails (Most global estimates)
Business critical data is stored exclusively in email (IDC)

Some Symptoms of an inadequate email archiving service:

IT Team burdened with requests Difficulty locating business communications needed as electronic evidence Employees spend up to 1.8 hours every day locating information

Traditional Email Storage Solutions are Unproductive & Expensive

The volume, variety, and velocity of business communications make expedient methods unsuitable for long-term data protection.

Besides, these traditional preservation methods create data fragmentation and lack the flexibility and agility necessary to meet different Data Management needs. And are costly to maintain and refresh.
Ready to evaluate Vaultastic?

Vaultastic’s Cloud Email Archive service can effectively solve these problems

Best email archival system that increases the visibility availability of business-critical data

Vaultastic increases Visibility and Availability of high volume business-critical data at optimized costs.

A central cloud repository and deep discovery tools make finding data of any period matching keywords and other attributes easy.

Rich cloud services ease data management and enable a wide variety of business uses, from data protection to supervision to legal and compliance readiness.

Email Archival Solutions that reduce the Risk, Cost, and Complexity in Managing Data

Vaultastic delivers extremely high data durability with redundant cloud stores and an in-built disaster recovery site.

Rich cloud services accessible via a single pane of glass make managing your data super easy.

Vaultastic’s Email Archiving Service helps you Retire Tech Debt, Save Up to 60% and Improve Productivity.

De-duplication, Pay-per-use, Automation, and Tiered storage deliver up to a 60% reduction in costs.

And a fully managed service does away with your need to maintain on-premises hardware, software, and specialized teams, thus helping you retire technical debt.

Deep, fast discovery, portable data extraction, automation and APIs, and self-service significantly boost productivity.


How Vaultastic works

The advantages of cloud email archival solutions over on-premises email archiving solutions
Single Pane of Glass
Deep Ediscovery
Easy Data Extraction
Optimizes Storage

Benefits of Vaultastic’s Cloud Email Archival Solutions

A centralized and independent cloud repository with on-demand services for discovery and extraction enables simple high-volume data protection for organizations of any size at optimal costs.
Ensure Business Continuity
One of the best email archiving systems and solutions
Make data more Accessible
Make data more accessible with best email archiving solutions and software
Automate Data Management tasks
Best email archival solutions and systems
Vaultastic - Email Data Management companion to MS 365 and Google Workspace - 2 min introduction
Share your Challenges, Requirements and Ask your questions

The Vaultastic Edge for Email Archiving

Vaultastic, helps businesses centrally preserve, discover, and manage large volumes of email data with ease and considerable cost savings.
Centralized archive
An elastic archive keeps all your emails online and search-ready in durable, tamper-evident vaults to help you respond to compliance requests quickly, accurately, and with confidence.
Compliance Management
Deep e-discovery using boolean constructs on mail attributes, message content, and date along with legal hold capabilities, support compliance, and legal evidence requests
Multi-layered security
Building on AWS’s shared security model, Vaultastic delivers bullet-proof security “IN” the cloud to protect against cyber-attacks and ensures that your sensitive data stored on our platform is encrypted, immutable, and tamper-resistant.
Automated migrations
Vaultastic bundles automated migration tools for rapid and accurate ingestion of historical email archives into the central repository for long-term, durable protection of business-critical data.
Durable archive
As a perpetual archive in separate operational cloud infrastructure, Vaultastic delivers superior data durability (11 9’s), storing immutable copies of your email data in multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers) of AWS.
Rich set of cloud tools
Vaultastic cloud email archiving solution provides a rich set of cloud and data services to efficiently & securely manage the operational and legacy data. Find a mail, support a large ediscovery, export data, govern information, and more.

We Love making things better for you

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Email Archiving service

  • Email Archiving service
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  • 1. Can I archive email from an on-premise mail server like MS Exchange, Zimbra, etc?

    Yes. Vaultastic supports a wide range of mail servers such as Zimbra, MS Exchange, Lotus Domino, MDaemon, Postfix, Mithi SkyConnect, and Mithi Connect Xf, etc.

    You can configure a forwarding or journaling rule on the primary mail server to secure a copy of every incoming and outgoing mail to Vaultastic.

    Mails from all MS Exchange versions which support journaling can be backed onto Vaultastic. This includes MS Exchange 2007, MS Exchange 2010, and MS Exchange 2013.

  • 2. How do I restore a few email or the entire mailbox of a user from Vaultastic?

    As an admin/user of Vaultastic, you can export mail from your Vaultastic account and restore it into your live mailbox.
    Please refer to this document for the Steps to export email from Vaultastic

  • 3. Where is my archived email data stored?

    The deployment of your Vaultastic account is an AWS region of your choice. Currently, Vaultastic SaaS is available in the APAC region (Singapore) or the India region.

    Your data is stored on elastic cloud storage objects offering extremely high durability.

  • 4. I backup my Mail server regularly. Do I still need Vaultastic?

    It's great to know that you are maintaining regular backups of your mail server. However, please note that all actions on the mailstore including deleting of mail or mailboxes are reflected in the periodic backups.

    Therefore if a user deletes mail, the next backup will not contain the deleted mail.

    Vaultastic in contrast secures a copy of all emails before delivery. This ensures that even if a user accidentally or intentionally deletes mail from the primary mailbox, it is still available in the Vaultastic store.

    Long story short, a periodic mail server backup cannot replace an automatic email archival.

  • 5. Does Vaultastic archive instant messaging, calendar, file store, videos and other sources of data?

    At this point in time, Vaultastic archives only email data.

    We do have plans of incorporating other forms of conversations and data from other sources as part of the archival process in the near future.

  • 6. My company is not part of a regulated industry. Do I still need to archive email?

    The rapid digitization of organizations across industries is driving reliance on modern tools for business communication. 

    And email has become a dominant form of communication between organizations and their customers and partners.

    This shift creates large volumes of unstructured business communication data, making recovery of data complex while handling data loss, theft, or corruption cases.

    And the growing sophistication and number of cyberattacks are not helping to manage data-related risks.

    A secure, immutable, central archive can help you preserve email data in tamper-proof vaults for extended periods and ensure that the data is online, search-ready, and discoverable on demand.

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  • 7. I use a cloud email service like Google Workspace/MS365, which gives me 30/50GB of storage per user. Why do I still need to archive email when my cloud mailbox storage is sufficient?

    Your end-users typically manage your cloud mailboxes and have full rights to delete and move emails. 

    Hence you are never sure if the mailboxes have all the emails the users ever sent or received. 

    Thus an inability to retrieve any data requested by the auditor or compliance officer can put your organization at a significant legal or compliance risk.

    Besides, you also run the risk of IP theft or data loss, which can financially cost your organization.

    As a data management best practice, having an independent, immutable archive of all your data will substantially de-risk your organization and improve your ability to respond to data access requests. 

    Learn more.

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