Microsoft Exchange Email Archiving Solutions

Vaultastic offers secure cloud Exchange archiving solutions of emails and attachments
for Microsoft Exchange Server as well as Exchange Online users

Are you using Microsoft Exchange Server or Exchange Online as your enterprise email solution? Although the on-premise, cloud and hybrid cloud versions continue to power email needs in a large number of enterprises, its built-in Exchange email archiving email archiving capabilities are not sufficient. Vaultastic offers state-of-the-art email archiving Microsoft for Exchange email archiving along with data security, admin and user access, assured business continuity, data durability and 24/7 eDiscovery support.

Top benefits of using Vaultastic's Exchange email archiving solutions:

  • Vaultastic provides complete archiving for all on-premise and hosted Exchange plans. You don't need to purchase expensive Enterprise E3 level or equivalent license for each of your users.
  • Vaultastic stores a copy of every mail you send and receive (independent of the primary mail server) to ensure data redundancy and protection against service outage, data loss or corruption. Whereas with in-place archiving in Exchange Online, you get an additional archive mail box. This archive mailbox holds historical mail and the emails get deleted from your primary mail-box.
  • There are no storage limitations in Vaultastic. While using the hosted Exchange option, an archive mailbox is created and an initial quota of 100 GB is set. Requests for increasing the quota of the archive have to be submitted to Microsoft.
  • All your email data in Vaultastic is safely stored in AWS data centers.
  • Vaultastic integrates perfectly with Microsoft Exchange.

Vaultastic for Microsoft Exchange FAQs

  • Vaultastic for Exchange
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  • 1. Do we need to deploy any software or database on the Hosted Exchange setup?

    No, the Vaultastic connector for Hosted Exchange uses the journaling feature of Hosted Exchange to send a copy of every mail sent and received by the selected users to an independent Vaultastic store.

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  • 2. Any special considerations for views in the archiving, retrieval, or deletion processes?

    The Vaultastic admin can control the following
    1. The access to the Vaultastic accounts
    2. The ability to download or export mail from the self service portal
    3. The access to the eDiscovery data

    Mails once archived in Vaultastic can only be automatically deleted according to the retention policy selected. Neither the end users, nor the admins can delete mails.

    User accounts in Vaultastic can be deleted only by users having the senior admin role.

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  • 3. Is there any plugin or extension to Hosted Exchange Web access?

    No, the Vaultastic interface is independent of the Exchange Online end user interfaces. Depending on the rights assigned by the Vaultastic administrators, end users can access their Vaultastic accounts through a simple and secure web interface.

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  • 4. Does Vaultastic support message or attachment stubbing?

    Vaultastic does not stub the original mail.
    A copy of the mail is maintained in the Vaultastic server independent of the primary mail server.

    Microsoft does not recommend using Stubbing for archiving purposes. Refer to the lick given below:

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  • 5. What configuration is needed on the Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online domains?

    Hosted Exchange,Exchange Online domain administrators have to configure journaling to forward copies of incoming and outgoing mail of the selected or all users to the Vaultastic servers.

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  • 6. How does an end user retrieve mail from Vaultastic?

    For a end user to retrieve mail from Vaultastic, he has to login to the Vaultastic web client and export selected mail into a pst or eml format.
    Pst files can be directly imported into Outlook.

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  • 7. Does the Vaultastic admin need to provision users on the Vaultastic domains?

    Once you provision your primary domain on Vaultastic for archiving,
    * You can enable the Auto User Creation property of your domain to create users automatically.
    * You can provision users one at a time manually or in bulk using the admin panel.

    If a user is not provisioned on Vaultastic, mail meant for the user will not be archived. You can view the list of missing users on your domain in the Vaultastic Missing users Report.

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  • 8. Does Vaultastic maintain the data classification of Hosted Exchange,Exchange Online?

    To keep the end user interface simple, all mails archived are classified as received (available in the Inbox) or sent (available in the Sent Items) by the user.
    Folder structure in the primary account is not replicated to Vaultastic.

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  • 9. Is Cross-domain archiving supported?

    Yes. For every primary domain hosted on O365 a corresponding domain has to be created on Vaultastic.

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  • 10. Why doesn't Vaultastic support an IMAP connector to Hosted Exchange,Exchange Online?

    An IMAP access replicates the state of the primary mail box.
    The Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online connector for Vaultastic stores a copy of every incoming and outgoing mail using the journaling feature of O365. This ensures that even if mails are deleted from the primary email server, they are intact in Vaultastic.

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  • 11. How are distribution lists handled?

    Mail sent to distribution lists will be archived in the individual members Vaultastic account, provided the account is available on Vaultastic.

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  • 12. Are shared mailboxes supported?

    Yes, a corresponding account has to be created on the Vaultastic domain.

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  • 13. Are Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online groups supported?

    Yes a corresponding id has to be created on Vaultastic domain.

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