Microsoft Exchange Email Archiving Solutions

Microsoft Exchange Email Archiving Solutions

Vaultastic offers secure cloud Exchange archiving solutions of emails and attachments for Microsoft Exchange Server as well as Exchange Online users
Top benefits of using Vaultastic's Exchange email archiving solutions
Vaultastic provides complete archiving for all on-premise and hosted Exchange plans. You don't need to purchase expensive Enterprise license for each of your users.
Vaultastic stores a copy of every mail you send and receive (independent of the primary mail server) to ensure data redundancy and protection against service outage, data loss or corruption.
There are no storage limitations in Vaultastic.
All your email data in Vaultastic is safely stored on the AWS cloud.
Vaultastic integrates easily with Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange Email Archiving FAQs
  • Vaultastic for Exchange
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  • 1. Do we need to deploy any software on the Hosted Exchange setup for integration with Vaultastic?

    No, the Vaultastic connector for Hosted Exchange uses the journaling feature of Hosted Exchange to send a copy of every mail sent and received by the selected users to an independent Vaultastic store. This capability does not require any additional software or tool to be installed on the Hosted Exchange setup.

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  • 2. What configuration is needed on the Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online domains?

    Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online domain administrators have to configure journaling to forward copies of incoming and outgoing mail of the selected or all users to the Vaultastic servers.

    Learn more about configuring Office 365 and MS Exchange to archive email to Vaultastic

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  • 3. Why doesn't Vaultastic support an IMAP connector to Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online?

    Vaultastic protects email using the journaling capability of the primary mail platform. This ensures that a copy of every email is sent to Vaultastic in real-time, BEFORE delivery. Thereby ensuring that even if emails are deleted from the primary mailbox, they continue to remain intact on Vaultastic

    An IMAP based archiving connector would be periodic and therefore doesn't ensure that all email would be archived.

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