Mitigate Data-related Risks with Vaultastic's industry-compliant data protection platform.

Simplify compliance with Industry-specific data protection and management regulations and needs for your business.

Banking & Financial Services
Banking & Financial Services

The financial services industry must build data resilience strategies to thwart attacks on customer data, protect their reputation and meet compliance mandates.

Secure your critical data in emails, files, and on SaaS tools with best-in-class data protection and management.

Explore solutions for financial services.

To keep up with rapid digitization, manufacturing industries must protect their critical data to comply with regulations and reduce penalties and litigation risks associated with contract enforcement.

Safeguard your Technology, Patents, and Business Processes with a secure, new-age Archiving Solution.

Explore solutions for Manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical companies must protect emails and files carrying critical information about clinical trials, drug discovery, drug outcomes, and patient outcomes to maintain privacy, secure their IP, and ensure compliance.

Realize up to 60% cost optimization with Vaultastic's cloud-based Data Management SaaS Platform.

Explore solutions for Pharmaceuticals.

The Healthcare industry's increasing use of business communication tools to share critical patient information needs them to protect this data and build trust with the customers and regulators such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Use Vaultastic's agile cloud data archiving to secure and manage critical information and maintain patient privacy.

Explore solutions for Healthcare.
Professional Services
Professional Services

Customers of most professional services companies demand compliance with their privacy and security norms to protect their critical and sensitive business information.

Vaultastic's data management software enables you to comply with stringent privacy and protection needs while gaining on-demand access to information critical to managing customer engagement.

Explore solutions for Professional Services.

Mounting cyberattacks on government organizations carrying sensitive and private citizen data have intensified the need to modernize their data protection and management strategy.

Data scattered on multiple devices and platforms are at significant risk of being compromised.

Vaultastic's centralized and cyber-resilient data preservation and management can help government organizations significantly reduce data-related risks.

Explore solutions for Governments
Easily migrate legacy data to Vaultastic's cloud archival

Vaultastic provides answers to standard Data Management and Compliance challenges across industries.

Growing Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks, data theft, and security violations are too common in these industries due to the sensitive nature of data.

Vaultastic's robust cloud Information and Data Archiving is the best defense against cyber threats.

Carrying Technical Debt

Preserving data using obsolete methods can lead to the risk of data loss, lack of flexibility, and inability to retrieve information on demand.

Vaultastic's highly durable, fully managed, search-ready centralized archiving service is an easy way to eliminate data risks and retire technical debt of - high maintenance and high-risk data protection methods.

Need to preserve data long-term

Protecting continuously growing data for extended periods with solid security, durability, and on-demand access, at optimal cost is a daunting task for most organizations.

Vaultastic's conditional data retention software ensures that your data remains safe and accessible for years without incurring high costs.

Accidental or Intentional data loss

Storing data on endpoints or aging backup devices can lead to inaccessibility and loss of critical information due to fragmentation, physical damage, tampering, or accidents.

Vaultastic's centralized, elastic and tamper-proof vaults vastly reduce data loss or inaccessibility risks.

Managing historical legacy data archives

Fragmented legacy data across endpoints and storage devices increase risks of data loss or inaccessibility.

Vaultastic's automated migration tools and a central, search-ready repository make legacy archive management easy and cost-efficient.

Meeting Regulatory Compliance

The inability to respond promptly and accurately to data requests reduces businesses' legal, compliance, and audit readiness.

Vaultastic's on-demand e-discovery and granular extraction and data sharing tools help improve your compliance postures and readiness.

Get started on enterprise data risk management

Leverage cloud email archiving for enterprise risk management and compliance | Vaultastic

Gain compliance readiness with Vaultastic’s cross-platform information and data archiving

Cloud data archiving is critical in the overall solution by helping companies protect data and ensure good agility in searching, accessing, and sharing data to meet modern data management and utilization needs.

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Vaultastic is designed to reduce data-related risks, improve compliance readiness, and increase data asset utilisation, while optimising storage costs.
95% of subscriptions are renewed
95% of subscriptions are renewed
Compliance with regulatory guidelines
Compliance with regulatory guidelines
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