Data Generation in Manufacturing and the Data Storage Management Challenges

Unlike the common thought process, the Manufacturing Industry does generate data.

The Digital Transformation wave sweeping across the industry makes them embrace emerging technologies like AI, and modern digital communication channels, which thrive on data.

Plant data management and secure effective communication form the core of their quest to create a modern, digital, and streamlined process for the future.

The growth of data in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is all about intelligent and interconnected devices. These devices gather data utilized by digital systems to enhance the device's performance.

Manufacturing Companies are rapidly seeking to sync their Information Technology and Operational Technology processes for efficiency and enhanced customer service.

This collaboration among the manufacturing, IT, and automation teams means sharing data, insights, and business communication and holding on to it for a long-time using an effective data retention policy and robust data storage management tools.

What’s at Stake for Manufacturers with inadequate data storage management

Manufacturing companies, in general, are targeted for information on their manufacturing processes, especially for high-demand products. They are targeted for intellectual property, trade secrets, and patented designs and technology.

Manufacturing Companies are likely to face security threats like web application attacks, cyber espionage, corporate espionage, operational downtime, product manipulation, etc. Additionally, manufacturers work in association with other vendors, which means a threat anywhere in the complete process exposes others.

Financial loss, brand erosion, and litigations are some of the major risks of an inadequate data retention policy or a lack of a robust data storage management system.

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Challenges to Data Storage Management and Protection for Manufacturers

The most likely source of security breaches is the human aspect. The overlapping areas of technology, along with people and processes, are the areas that leave the system ajar and let risk seep in.

Current employees, who fall prey to phishing or are not careful enough with handling their emails, are the foremost source. Followed by former employees, who somehow have access to their mails and email backup software, competitors and hackers are equally responsible for security threats.

The risk to data is proportional to the number of employees having access to it without security protocols.

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Protect your business against Data Risks

Vaultastic’s Agile Cloud Data Archiving addresses a wide range of data management use-cases for your information-driven business

Protect high-volume Current and Ex-employee Data at optimized costs

Enhance your Legal and Compliance readiness

Gain Control with Supervision and Oversight

Vaultastic eases adoption of Cloud Data Storage Management solutions by Manufacturers

As per Business Wire: Manufacturing Sector is expected to spend nearly $19.7 billion on Cloud Services.
Vaultastic Solutions

Robust Cloud Email Archive

Long term data retention and archiving of business-critical data in a central search-ready repository is made easy with a scalable cloud archive. Vaultastic encrypts all data at rest and in transit to deter any malicious attempt to access your data. Learn more.

Ease of Use

An easy and hassle-free system at a reasonable cost with multiple individual users accounts for secure and customized self-service access.

Quick Results

With fast and deep Ediscovery, you can search through the cloud email archive of any period within a few seconds. A central cloud email archive provides better control over data and increases the system’s response time. Flexible data extraction tools enable easy extraction of search results in portable formats.

Disaster Management

Offers business continuity by storing multiple redundant copies of emails at a disaster recovery site that ensures perpetual data durability and availability. Learn more.

Up to 60% Cost Optimization

As your data size grows (and it will), Vaultastic can deploy storage tiering to segregate recent, frequently used emails in the Active (hot) store and aging infrequently used emails into the Open (cold) Store. In addition, de-duplication, automated migration, and pay-per-use pricing for on-demand services further optimize your cash flow and substantially reduce storage and access costs. Learn more

Benefits for the Manufacturing Companies with Vaultastic as the Data Storage
Management platform

Low Operational Cost

Vaultastic, being cloud-based, there are no in-house servers that need regular upgrades. There are also fewer technical problems.

Optimized, Cost-effective Storage

Storage tiering to handle the growing data size. It also offers data segregation, deduplication, and automated migration to substantially reduce data retention, access, and migration costs by almost 60%.

Easy Collaboration

Integrated collaboration tools seamlessly enable data sharing and business communication among stakeholders.

Data Residency to comply with Government regulations

Vaultastic offers a choice of regions for storing your data, ensuring compliance with data residency regulations of governments and industry bodies.

Always Compliant

The Manufacturing sector is gradually moving towards standardization with new consumer privacy laws. The manufacturing industry needs to adopt General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and state laws considering digitization and the geographies they serve. Vaultastic, with its periodical reviews, ensures compliance with the latest industry guidelines.
Vaultastic: Data Advantage for every Enterprise

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FAQs about Manufacturing Industry

  • Manufacturing Industry
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  • 1. Why does the Manufacturing Sector need to invest in a Cloud Data/Email Archiver?

    Increasing adoption of digital technologies by Manufacturing is leading to large volumes of data carrying intellectual property, personal information, designs and more. And email is the ubiquitous carrier of this business critical information.

    Manufacturing companies, are frequently targeted for intellectual property, trade secrets, and patented designs and technology.

    Financial loss, brand erosion, and litigations are some of the major risks of an inadequate data retention policy or a lack of a robust data storage management system.

    Learn more: Why archive email

  • 2. How does Vaultastic ensure data security at all times?

    Vaultastic delivers bullet proof security for your data using a multi-layered shared security cloud model. Some of the controls deployed are encryption at rest and in transit, role based access, WAFs, and more. Learn more.

  • 3. The data volume keeps on increasing. Will the search be as seamless as it is now five years down the line?

    Absolutely. Vaultastic is a highly scalable platform that is agnostic to the size of data. It builds on the elastic cloud store to deliver a boundless storage architecture. Vaultastic’s ediscovery is engineered to find any data of any period from the Active store in a few seconds.

  • 4. Is Vaultastic compatible with the current email storage infrastructure at our organization?

    Vaultastic supports a wide range of popular cloud and on-premise email solutions including MS 365, Google Workspace, MS Exchange, Zimbra and more. Learn about supported platforms here.

  • 5. Can I provide access to the data depending on the organizational hierarchy?

    Yes. Vaultastic supports role based access, where you can define which vaults are visible to the user upon login. This is also a useful tool when providing selective access to internal and external auditors. Learn more here.

Why the Vaultastic Platform

Performance that Scales

Bulletproof Security

Multi-dimension Cost Optimization

Complete Data Lifecycle Management

Amazon WorkMail
Microsoft 365
Google Workspace
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Drive
Simple Email System AWS
IBM Notes

Vaultastic - cross-platform, centralised, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and for business-critical data to ensure business continuity & enable effective response to change
Continuous Monitoring and Management of Security Threats to build Cyber Resilience

Continuous Monitoring and Management of Security Threats to build Cyber Resilience

Automated monitoring, frequent periodic audits, regular training on best practices, continuous improvements, and ongoing system upgrades are a part of our active security management practice.

High Impact Data Management Use Cases   across businesses

Small Urban Bank
From fragmented data to centralized, search-ready data with near 100% durability, availability and super-fast ediscovery.
Mid Sized Financial Services Firm
Manage subcription and storage costs of ex-employee data retention as mandated by regulations.
Mid Sized Health Insurance
Build reputation, reduce risks with fast turn around on data requests for litigation.
Mid Sized Regional Bank
Retain historical data to comply with regularity retention guidelines and stay audit-ready.
Mid Sized Bank
Reduce risks of compliance penalties with fast ediscovery and flexible extraction tools.
Legal Services Firm
Perform ediscovery across user accounts for faster and more flexible data access.
Local Government Body
Reliably migrate data to centrally searchable, highly available repository, and deliver better citizen service.
Small retail tech
Gain visibility, responsiveness, compliance and legal readiness for customer communications.
Research and communication Services
Easy investigate customer issue escalations to improve service quality.
Save on subscription upgrade costs by managing data better.


Very promising and visionary futuristic product

Overall this product is very much front line in terms of current compliance needs and competing with World leader peer solutions.

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- GM in the Healthcare Industry

Innovation And Solutioning At Its Best

Innovation and solutioning at its best: It has been a great experience working with Mithi. Specially in the servicing part there support is commendable. They are good at providing simple and innovative solutioning.

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Head - IT Application And Support in the Healthcare Industry

The Archival - peak to bottom

We needed to preserve email data of former employees, reduce the license cost and cost of ever growing mail data, while staying compliant as per regulatory requirements. Vaultastic helps us achieve the above objectives, effectively.

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- Head IT in the Finance Industry

Good Product with Easy interface

The archival was always an issue in an on-prem solution. Compliance and Risk deparments always wanted a quick retrieval of archived email which we are now able to deliver on time.

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- EVP & CTO in the Finance Industry

Overall experience with product was Technically excellent as well as economical.

Mithi team was persistent and helped our team to smoothly meet our compliance requirements and were able to implement as per the proposed timelines. Their support is outstanding.

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-Chief Manager - IT in the Manufacturing Industry

Must use vault solution for you important data.

Have been using Vaultastic for the last three years now, and have never faced any issue is the above features. The features provided are useful. The version 4 is more feature rich, and I am excited to use it.

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- Person in the Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation role
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