Email Data Protection in the Pharmaceutical Industry is often ignored.

Why are Email data management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry crucial?

Email data management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry are crucial because a large volume of critical information, from the interpretation of clinical findings to the measure of drug outcomes using real-time data, is shared using emails.

The pharmaceutical industry is also affected by digitization demands with exploding information about drugs, their constituent substances, organizations, suppliers, customers, markets, drug reactions, drug outcomes, and so on.

Therefore, digitization of the pharmaceutical industry requires consistent data storage and monitoring to ensure compliance with rigorous standards, protect intellectual property and maintain the privacy of the patients and test subjects involved.

Companies in the Pharmaceutical industry are constantly worried about leakage of critical IP about their drug discovery and clinical trials to the competition.

In addition, the sales force of the Pharmaceutical industry shares marketing information about drugs and warranties over emails.

This massive amount of data has to be stored safely and securely in tamper-resistant storage to preserve quality, assure compliance and adhere to local laws.

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Why is the Traditional Pharmaceuticals Data Management System Not Ideal?

Pharmaceutical companies are slow to adopt digitization trends because data privacy in the pharmaceutical industry takes precedence over other reasons to protect the data.

The clinical trials contain analytical data in multiple file formats that can only be interpreted by specific software.

While this data is easily shared via emails, storage is limited to on-premises drives and tapes to ensure data privacy in the pharmaceutical industry.

Following are some challenges of traditional Pharmaceuticals Data Management Systems:

  • On-premises infrastructure is insufficient in most pharmaceutical companies to accommodate the massive growth in emails carrying information about clinical trials, drug analysis, drug outcomes, patient outcomes, health care needs, compliance demands, and so on.
  • Centrally storing and categorizing emails is difficult with fragmented data spread across multiple locations.
  • Ensuring compliance is extremely hard with emails containing data relevant only for a short period as drug trials continue to provide different results.
  • Data discovery is cumbersome, time-consuming, and daunting because the IT team must dig for crucial information in unstructured, fragmented data storage devices.
  • Limited security with virtually no control over data access increases the risk of tampering with critically confidential data, data theft, and data loss.
Email Data Protection in the Pharmaceutical Industry is often ignored.

Realize a 30% drop in TCO with Pharmaceuticals Data Management Solutions by Vaultastic on AWS.

Vaultastic provides email data management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, specially designed to the demands and needs of the heavily regulated pharma companies.

Our best-in-class cloud data protection for the pharmaceutical industry makes it much simpler and more secure to store, categorize, discover, and retrieve business communication carrying all types of clinical data, drug analysis, patient outcomes, and market analysis about your pharmaceutical company.

Our solution offers the following cloud services to ease email data management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry:

Robust Platform

Centralized cloud-based elastic data storage, which can scale infinitely irrespective of the volume.

Unbreakable data Integrity

Immutable and tamper-evident long-term data storage to meet ever-evolving compliance requirements.

Search-ready data

Fast and flexible data extraction tools can find information of any period, buried in millions of emails, in a few seconds.

Easy administration

A single plane of glass access to the rich cloud services makes data management easy for your IT Teams.

Strong Data Privacy controls

Role-based data access controls to limit access to confidential data. Administrators can revoke and restrict access at any time for specific users.

Highly Durable storage and Highly Available service

Vaultastic delivers superior disaster management by storing redundant email copies at safe and secure disaster recovery sites.
Realize a 30% drop in TCO with Pharmaceuticals Data Management Solutions by Vaultastic on AWS.

Vaultastic Pharmaceuticals Data Management System scores high

Every industry adopting digital technology has significantly improved business innovation and productivity.

Automation vastly improves internal operational efficiencies, leaving the IT team to work on strategic solutions for business growth.

Following are some benefits your pharmaceutical company can achieve by switching to Vaultastic email data management:

90% faster turnaround on data requests.

Fast and flexible data extraction tools can help you respond to audit and compliance requests in hours instead of days and weeks.

Up to 60% cost optimization as the data size grows.

We use storage tiering technology to store frequent active emails in hot storage, and aging infrequently used emails in inexpensive cold storage.

Up to 30%, lower TCO over a comparable on-premises setup.

Our fully-managed secure cloud service reduces the need for hardware, maintenance, management, and upgrades, thereby delivering a substantially lower TCO.

Reliable and fast data migration

Vaultastic uses the Legacyflo migration tool to enable easy and automatic migration from legacy systems to the cloud-based archive.
Vaultastic Pharmaceuticals Data Management System scores high
Ready to evaluate Vaultastic?

The Vaultastic Edge for Email Archiving

Vaultastic, helps businesses centrally preserve, discover, and manage large volumes of email data with ease and considerable cost savings.
Centralized archive
An elastic archive keeps all your emails online and search-ready in durable, tamper-evident vaults to help you respond to compliance requests quickly, accurately, and with confidence.
Compliance Management
Deep e-discovery using boolean constructs on mail attributes, message content, and date along with legal hold capabilities, support compliance, and legal evidence requests
Multi-layered security
Building on AWS’s shared security model, Vaultastic delivers bullet-proof security “IN” the cloud to protect against cyber-attacks and ensures that your sensitive data stored on our platform is encrypted, immutable, and tamper-resistant.
Automated migrations
Vaultastic bundles automated migration tools for rapid and accurate ingestion of historical email archives into the central repository for long-term, durable protection of business-critical data.
Durable archive
As a perpetual archive in separate operational cloud infrastructure, Vaultastic delivers superior data durability (11 9’s), storing immutable copies of your email data in multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers) of AWS.
Rich set of cloud tools
Vaultastic cloud email archiving solution provides a rich set of cloud and data services to efficiently & securely manage the operational and legacy data. Find a mail, support a large ediscovery, export data, govern information, and more.

Cross Platform. Independent. Open

Vaultastic can connect and ingests data across platforms to enable a common and centralised data repository to reverse fragmentation
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  • 1. Will Vaultastic optimize storage for emails spread across multiple email solutions and clients?

    Yes; it will. Vaultastic can capture emails in real-time from numerous email solutions into a central, consolidated repository. This repository will be deduplicated and tiered across the active and inactive stores to optimize costs.

  • 2. How long will you keep older emails in storage because old clinical data may suddenly become relevant for newer drug trials?

    The duration of retention of emails in your Vaultastic vaults is entirely in your control. You can define separate retention periods for each vault if you so need. This feature could help you determine retention as per the person's role. 

    If you are concerned about the storage growth and cost escalation, you can leverage Vaultastic’s storage tiering architecture to move aging, infrequently used data into the Inactive store. Learn more about Vaultastic’s stores.

  • 3. Can I keep some email data on-premises while using your cloud-based solution?

    Sure you can. 

    Suppose you are subscribing to an on-premise archiving tool and also subscribing to Vaultastic. In that case, you can archive emails from some mailboxes into the on-premises solution and from the rest into Vaultastic. This setup is popularly called a hybrid cloud setup

    To clarify further, instead of an on-premises archival tool, you may also opt to store a backup of those emails on some local storage device (not recommended - high risk).

  • 4. How do you ensure the confidentiality of data about drug discovery?

    Data ingested and preserved on Vaultastic is encrypted at rest and in transit. This means that only you and people authorised by you can access this data via the Vaultastic application. 

    Besides robust encryption, Vaultastic deploys a validated multi-layered scared security framework to safeguard your data in our cloud. Learn more.

    Our service is backed by an SLA and a detailed privacy policy. Read more in our trust center about why its safe to store your critical data on Vaultastic.

  • 5. How will you support data in specific formats only proprietary software can interpret?

    Vaultastic ingests and preserves emails and their attachments “as received” in their original form. Vaultastic does not alter your data in any way. This immutability ensures that it will be original when you retrieve your data from Vaultastic. You can rest assured that your proprietary software can process it.

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