Why is protecting email data a priority
Capture dynamically generated IP
Customer regulated industry
Reduce litigation risks
ITES companies often manage processes which drive the business of their customers. If anything goes wrong, they don’t want to be in a defensive position when it comes to substantiating their case with evidence.

Heavily targeted: ITES companies are a store house of sensitive information about all their customers. Having all this information in one place and the commercially valuable nature of this data makes them vulnerable to data theft, cyber-attacks and security violations from within the organization and from outside.
Using traditional methods can create an unsafe and dark data lake: Storing these emails on-premise, using backup tapes and storage devices can lead to loss of critical information due to physical damage or tampering. Moreover, data stored using these means, makes it hard to locate required information on demand due to the lack of visibility into the content of such data stores.
Data fragmentation: Mailboxes bloat rapidly, forcing the users to backup email locally and delete email from their mailboxes. This fragmentation of information makes it challenging to access knowledge across the organization from a single point.
Inability to reuse captured IP and knowledge: In most cases, the legacy data is fragmented in cold data lakes on traditional devices and is near impossible for end users to access on their own. This leads to productivity loss as the users recreate IP and knowledge instead of reusing.
Large contract employee base: ITES providers are growing rapidly and have a mix of full time and contract employees, where the turnover is high and fast. Accessing information from the distributed and fragmented accounts of users can be very challenging.

Automatic cloud email archiving, easy support for GDPR compliance, automated tools to migrate legacy email data and advanced ediscovery can protect critical data and provide instant access to the locked value in the corporate email archive.

A hierarchical storage architecture, possible with a cloud archival, can help contain mailbox bloat automatically.

Security at multiple layers help thwart ongoing cyber-attacks and protect valuable private, confidential and critical data.
The Vaultastic Edge
Vaultastic, helps address the specific challenges of ITES organisations, with the following capabilities, to provide a safe, reliable and responsive data management capability
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