Increasing Cyberattacks are hampering enterprise compliance risk management.

The rapid digitization of the banking and financial industries is driving reliance on modern tools for business communication. And email has become a dominant form of communication between financial services organizations and their customers and partners.

This shift creates large volumes of unstructured business communication data making retention and oversight initiatives more complex for legal and compliance management. And with financial data as the prime target of hackers, the growing sophistication and number of cyberattacks are not helping

High stakes for Financial services organizations

Being the most targeted and the most heavily regulated, Financial services organizations face heavy compliance and regulatory risk in case of compliance violations.

Theft or loss of critical customer data

A bulk of the business communication of financial services companies is likely to carry sensitive and private information belonging to their customers.

These could include PII (Personally identifiable information), transaction documents, account reports, notifications, etc.

Accidental or intentional data erasure by exiting employees and focussed cyberattacks increase the risk of data loss.

Loss of Reputation and Trust

Financial services institutions build their brand on the strength of their security systems and the robustness of their data management platforms.

An inability to comply with audits or unsupervised customer communication, or a successful data breach can raise questions about their reputation for customers and prospects.

More stringent legal and compliance demands

With the fast-increasing digitization of the financial services businesses, regulators have become more demanding about adherence to cyber security compliance around long-term data retention, data security, and data access.

Thus, complying with industry regulations and laws while reducing penalties, litigation, and reputation risks associated with data or compliance violations is a top priority for financial service companies.
High stakes for Financial services organizations
Long-term data protection is challenging for enterprise risk management and compliance

Long-term data protection is challenging for enterprise risk management and compliance.

  • Increasingly stringent regulations need you to retain data for several years.
    However, storing and managing large volumes of data is a challenge with traditional unoptimized systems.
  • Litigations and Audits need you to produce data in hours and not weeks/months.
    Data fragmentation across various storage mediums makes it a significant challenge to find old data quickly.
  • You must store data immutably with an audited chain of custody to use as evidence in legal proceedings.
    Easier said than done with traditional systems, which lack the sophistication to achieve this.
  • Data leakage or compliance violations in customer communications can impact trust.
    Your standard backup/archival software lacks a supervision layer that uncovers policy breaches. Also, data residing in employee mailboxes and devices makes it harder to prevent loss.
  • Ex-employee data may be required even years into the future to investigate scams and frauds.
    Cost-effectively preserving former employee data long-term is a significant challenge facing financial services institutions.

Key Facts:

At $20b a year Financial Fraud is big business in India
(RBI report)
$5b is the annual litigation spend by Indian Inc growing at 9% pa
(Economic Times)
9.3 hours average time spent by employees every week searching and gathering Information
How Vaultastic delivers Data Resiliency for Financial Services Institutes (3 min video)
Ready to evaluate Vaultastic?

Vaultastic can ease Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance for Financial services institutions.

Vaultastic’s cloud email archiving platform helps financial services companies preserve email data in tamper-proof vaults for extended periods and ensure that the data is online, search-ready, and discoverable on demand.
Strong Foundation to improve trust and reputation

Strong Foundation to improve trust and reputation

A durable, secured, centralized cloud platform, complying with industry regulations and operating best practices, lays a robust data protection foundation for enhanced trust and reputation.

Vaultastic encrypts all data at rest and in transit to deter any malicious attempt to access your data. Learn more.

The Vaultastic engineers worked hard to ensure adherence to stringent cybersecurity guidelines by the financial services industry regulators, viz. RBI, SEBI, and IRDAI.

Rich cloud tools improve regulatory compliance management.

Fast, accurate ediscovery, with saved searches for single-click re-runs, and granular extraction tools, ease the job of finding policy violations on an ongoing basis.

Integrated collaboration tools facilitate compliance workflows and enable easy, secure sharing of suspicious emails with internal and external risk teams. And This integrated workflow significantly improves response quality and time, thereby boosting compliance postures.

Vaultastic's automated migration tools can easily import your legacy email data from mailboxes or files to reduce retention-related regulatory compliance risks.

Vaultastic delivers up to 60% optimization of storage, access, and migration costs.

As your data size grows (and it will), Vaultastic can deploy storage tiering to segregate recent, frequently used emails in the Active (hot) store and aging infrequently used emails into the Inactive (cold) store. This tiering will optimize costs of long-term retention of high volume data up to 60%.

In addition, de-duplication, automated migration, and pay-per-use pricing for on-demand services further optimize your cash flow and substantially reduce storage and access costs.

How Vaultastic Pricing optimizes your costs: 3 min video.
Vaultastic delivers up to 60% optimization of storage, access, and migration costs.

Key Benefits of Vaultastic as an Enterprise Compliance Risk Management solution for financial services organizations

Cyber Security Compliance with Industry regulations by RBI, SEBI, IRDAI

Cyber Security Compliance with Industry regulations by RBI, SEBI, IRDAI

Vaultastic’s security framework adheres to the cybersecurity standards set forth by the regulatory bodies RBI, SEBI, and IRDAI. by design.

Data Residency to comply with Government regulations

Vaultastic offers a choice of regions for storing your data, ensuring compliance with data residency regulations of governments and industry bodies.

Reduce Legal and Compliance costs

Vaultastic’s deep e-discovery uses boolean constructs on mail attributes, message content, date, and legal hold capabilities to support rapid and accurate responses to compliance and legal evidence requests.

This fast search capability reduces risk and litigation costs.

Portable Formats to efficiently serve audit requests.

Vaultastic enables easy export of the ediscovery results or an entire vault into portable format files for directly sharing with auditors and compliance officers.

An in-built Disaster Recovery site

Improves data durability and availability with a perpetual archive backed by a disaster recovery site that stores multiple redundant copies of your emails.

Serving the needs of all stakeholders

CEO, CIO, CISO: Maintaining reputation is a priority for the CEO while reducing risks is the mandate for the CIO and CISO.

CFO, CRO: Optimizing costs is a crucial mandate for CFOs, while alerts on potential policy violations are a key ask from the risk teams.

Business, End User: Business Teams supervise customer communication to ensure brand trust, while self-service is key to boosting the productivity of users and IT teams.

Vaultastic has your stakeholder needs covered.

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Portable Formats to efficiently serve audit requests.
Discuss your specific requirement/use case with our expert

The Vaultastic Edge for Email Archiving

Vaultastic, helps businesses centrally preserve, discover, and manage large volumes of email data with ease and considerable cost savings.
Centralized archive
An elastic archive keeps all your emails online and search-ready in durable, tamper-evident vaults to help you respond to compliance requests quickly, accurately, and with confidence.
Compliance Management
Deep e-discovery using boolean constructs on mail attributes, message content, and date along with legal hold capabilities, support compliance, and legal evidence requests
Multi-layered security
Building on AWS’s shared security model, Vaultastic delivers bullet-proof security “IN” the cloud to protect against cyber-attacks and ensures that your sensitive data stored on our platform is encrypted, immutable, and tamper-resistant.
Automated migrations
Vaultastic bundles automated migration tools for rapid and accurate ingestion of historical email archives into the central repository for long-term, durable protection of business-critical data.
Durable archive
As a perpetual archive in separate operational cloud infrastructure, Vaultastic delivers superior data durability (11 9’s), storing immutable copies of your email data in multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers) of AWS.
Rich set of cloud tools
Vaultastic cloud email archiving solution provides a rich set of cloud and data services to efficiently & securely manage the operational and legacy data. Find a mail, support a large ediscovery, export data, govern information, and more.

Cross Platform. Independent. Open

Vaultastic can connect and ingests data across platforms to enable a common and centralised data repository to reverse fragmentation


  • Vaultastic for Financial Services
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  • 1. What do our Financial services industry regulators expect from us?

    In a nutshell, your regulators want you to deliver a reliable, always-on, and secure experience to your customers and keep all static and transactional data safe and secure for an extended period in an easily discoverable form and all within the country’s boundaries..

    And they will hold you accountable for not complying with their regulations using audits, reporting, and penalties as the main tools.

    Since email is a primary mode of internal and external communication, the regulator expects you to securely preserve all email data of active and former employees for a minimum of 7 years in a search-ready form. Vaultastic can help

  • 2. Does Vaultastic provide data residency within the country boundaries?

    Yes. Vaultastic offers a choice of regions for storing your data, ensuring compliance with data residency regulations of governments and industry bodies. Learn more about Vaultastic’s security framework.

  • 3. Will Vaultastic encrypt all data as per the cybersecurity guidelines of our financial services industry regulator?

    Yes. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Learn more.

  • 4. Does Vaultastic’s platform support a disaster recovery site, as per the guidelines of our financial services industry regulator?

    Vaultastic delivers 11 9’s of durability by storing immutable copies of your email data in multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers) of AWS. Learn more.

    As a perpetual archive in an operational cloud infrastructure separate from your primary mailing solution, Vaultastic assures that your archived emails are available for compliance on-demand.

  • 5. How secure is my data in the Vaultastic cloud?

    Bulletproof. We have a 42-point security checklist covering multiple layers in a shared security model to keep your data secure IN the cloud. Our security framework covers configurations along with the entire flow. Learn more.

    In addition to regular independent vulnerability scans, the entire platform undergoes an FTR (Foundational Technical Review) annually by AWS to cover security amongst many other checkpoints.

  • 6. Does Vaultastic adhere to the relevant Data Privacy acts of the governments?

    Data Privacy, in line with the Personal data protection bill 2019 or any bill of any country, is a shared responsibility model. 

    The cloud platform has no way to know/interpret the content or context of the data coming in. Our job is to process the data as specified and safely store it in our archive.  

    Choosing what data to collect, store and delete when the need arises and more is your organization's responsibility. 

    It may help if you can review how we apply this shared responsibility model while helping our EU customers comply with GDPR (having similar constructs to the personal data protection bill of 2019 or most other acts/bills).

  • 7. We will be storing large volumes of email data on Vaultastic. How will we be able to extract all our data if needed? What is your data exit policy?

    You own your data; it's like your jewelry in the bank's locker. We are simply custodians of your data. We boast the most customer-friendly data exit policy amongst cloud data management offerings. 

    Due to our unique pay-per-use model, you are under no long-term contract. You are free to exit at any point in time. You can export all your data before you cancel the account, or if the data is too large, you may request that we ship this to you on a physical medium. 

    Our data exit policy is customer-friendly and quick. The export of data or the physical data shipment attracts a pro-rated charge for data movement. Our proposal documents the data export charges.

  • 8. How do I access, search, and extract my archived email data on Vaultastic?

    Vaultastic offers role-based access to your archive data. 

    Depending on your use case, you can enable individual user access, department-level access, or complete auditor-level access.

    The Vaultastic app is a cloud web application accessed anywhere using a browser.

  • 9. Can I provide secured, selective access to mail vaults on Vaultastic to an external auditor in an audit scenario?

    Absolutely and it's a recommended practice to optimize productivity. 

    Once you receive a data access request, you can enable auditor access and allow secure, read-only access to selected vaults

    You can also control whether the auditor can export the data, print it, or forward those emails. Once the audit is complete, you can disable access.

  • 10. How can I move 15TB of legacy email data in PST files to Vaultastic? How will this impact my cost?

    Vaultastic integrates Legacyflo, the scalable migration tool, which can very easily import this data into respective vaults. Considering the size, we may recommend using the AWS snowball to physically move this data into the cloud to speed up the import. 

    For such extensive data and as it grows further, Vaultastic can deploy storage tiering to segregate recent, frequently used emails in the Active (hot) store and aging infrequently used emails into the Inactive (cold) store to optimize costs of long-term retention of high volume data up to 60%.

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