Office 365 Email Archiving and Retention Solutions

Vaultastic offers secure cloud Office 365 archive mailbox solutions for the archiving of emails and attachments of office 365 users

Office 365 is one of the most widely used enterprise cloud email services today. Used by organisations both large and small alike, they also tend to rely on Office 365 email archiving capabilities for eDiscovery and compliance. If you are considering moving or have already migrated to Office 365, you should know that its in-built features may not suffice your enterprise’s email archiving needs. With threats on a constant rise and stringent compliance regulations, it is no longer enough to rely on its native archiving feature and therefore, what you need is a third-party email archiving solution. Enter Vaultastic, a SaaS based, easy to use (via self service web console) secure and, tamper-proof enterprise Office 365 email vault hosted on AWS Cloud.

Top benefits of leveraging Vaultastic’s Office 365 email archiving capabilities:
  • Vaultastic provides complete email archiving for all Office 365 plans. You don't need to purchase expensive Enterprise E3 level or equivalent license for each of your users.
  • Vaultastic Office 365 mail archive stores a copy of every mail sent and received by a user independent of the primary mail server, thus ensuring data redundancy and protection against service outage, data loss or corruption.
  • You can access the Vaultastic Office 365 mail retention cloud console and conveniently export mails in a PST or EML format.
  • Unlimited storage in all plans to enable your organisations to exchange a large number of emails each day without worrying about exceeding storage space.
  • All your email data is safely stored in AWS data centers.
  • You can upload historical email data in EML or PST format to our third party Office 365 mail archive solution.

Office 365 Email Archiving FAQs

  • Vaultastic for Office 365
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  • 1. Do we need to deploy any software or database on the Office 365 setup?

    No, the Vaultastic connector for Office 365 uses the journaling feature to send a copy of every mail sent and received by the selected users to an independent Vaultastic store.

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  • 2. Any special considerations for views in the archiving, retrieval or deletion processes?

    The Vaultastic admin can control the following
    1. The access to the Vaultastic accounts
    2. The ability to download or export mail from the self service portal
    3. The access to the eDiscovery data

    Mails once archived in Vaultastic can only be automatically deleted according to the retention policy selected. Neither the end users, nor the admins can delete mails.

    User accounts in Vaultastic can be deleted only by users having the senior admin role.

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  • 3. Considering Office 365 wherein data is placed on Azure and Vaultastic on AWS, will the data be archived all over to another cloud provider?

    Yes. Configuring Vaultastic for mail domains hosted on Cloud email services such as Office 365 or G Suite ensures that a copy of each and every mail sent and received is also available on the AWS cloud. This frees you up from Vendor lock-in as you are in control of your data and is also a very quick way to implement a multi-cloud policy for your most critical data.

    Read MoreI am already using O365 on the cloud, do I still need a separate archiving solution?

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  • 4. Can local Outlook PSTs be moved to cloud for archival?

    Yes. Local PSTs can be uploaded to Vaultastic for backup.
    You can go thru the various plans available for Vaultastic


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