Why you need a Separate Google Workspace Backup Solution

While Google Workspace is a great workplace productivity platform for businesses, having a separate and centrally accessible archive for G Suite emails and Google Drive data can provide additional protection for critical data while optimizing the cost of data retention.

Managing the following additional archive requirements around Google Workspace burdens overworked IT and compliance teams and escalates storage management costs.

Vaultastic is a powerful add-on for creating and managing a G Suite Archive.

As an independent, central, secure data archive of your business-critical emails and Google Drive files, Vaultastic enhances data protection and agility for the business.
Vaultastic Solutions

Automate Email and File Ingestion from Google Workspace

Vaultastic can automatically capture and protect emails in real-time from Google Workspace and periodically archive files & documents from Google Drive for the entire organization or select teams and individuals.

Unify your Active and Legacy data store

Vaultastic’s automated migration tools can de-fragment your legacy data stores and make a unified, single repository of live and historical data for easy discovery.

Improve Data Durability & Availability

As a separate perpetual archive in a durable and highly available cloud infrastructure independent of Google Workspace, Vaultastic provides redundancy for your G Suite emails and Google Drive documents.

Find Data Rapidly, Extract Granularly

Vaultastic’s multi-level ediscovery supports user self-service, department-level, and auditor-level full/partial search without support from the IT team.

Granular extraction of emails and files in portable formats enhances agility and efficiency for managing archived data.

Manage Compliance Workflows

Use the integrated compliance workflow management capability to majorly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the compliance management process.

Optimize up to 60% of costs.

Vaultastic deploys deduplication, storage tiering, pay-per-use, and other innovative strategies to optimize up to 60% of costs. As your data size grows (and it will), this results in significant cost savings.

Vaultastic's G Suite Archiving service delivers complete data lifecycle management.

Ensure business continuity by protecting your data against intentional or accidental erasures. Drive better data resilience with multi-layered protection and in-built disaster recovery.
Archive and Protect Data carried in Ex-Employee Accounts on Google Workspace at significantly lower costs to ensure continuity and compliance with regulations.
Vaultastic’s robust e-discovery with High Volume and Granular Data Extraction can support rapid and accurate responses to audits, compliance, and litigation-related requests.
Ease Information Governance & Data Management. Role-based access, flexible retention policies, and granular data security controls make information governance smoother.
Automated Storage Management to Optimize Data Retention cost without compromising performance for on-demand data needs.
Strong ROI: Reduced storage costs, reduced effort by IT teams to manage data, protection from the financial risk of data loss, and data retention in the cost-efficient archival store like Vaultastic can save up to 60% on data storage costs delivering up to 2.5X ROI in cost savings alone.
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Why the Vaultastic Platform

The new-age Vaultastic platform helps businesses securely and efficiently manage large volumes of data with considerable cost savings and total peace of mind.

Performance that Scales

Say No to Data Fragmentation.

A scalable, elastic archive keeps all your operational and legacy data online and search-ready.

Your information is maintained in durable, tamper-evident vaults to help you quickly, accurately, and confidently respond to data access or recovery requests.

Bulletproof Security

Say Yes to Peace of Mind

Building on AWS’s shared security model, Vaultastic provides a comprehensive cloud security framework beyond just security settings.

It ensures uninterrupted monitoring and closed-loop feedback for long-term mitigation of risks to build cyber resilience.

Rock Solid Reliability

Say Bye to RTO/RPO anxiety.

As a perpetual archive in separate operational cloud infrastructure, Vaultastic delivers superior data durability (11 9’s) and high availability.

This level of reliability is achieved by storing immutable copies of your data in multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers) of AWS.

On-demand Data Services

Say Yes to High Productivity.

Import data at scale, find data instantly, extract data in size, export data in portable formats, and more.

Vaultastic provides a rich set of data services to efficiently & securely manage your operational and legacy data

Complete Data Lifecycle Management

Say Yes to On-Demand.

We engineered Vaultastic to collect your data and optimize costs using specialized tools across the complete data lifecycle.

Cutting-edge tools support the transition of legacy data -> live/active -> reference -> Inactive, and finally, -> out-of-use. data.

Multi-dimension Cost Optimization

Say No to High Costs.

Vaultastic optimizes data management costs along multiple dimensions to deliver ongoing unbeatable savings even as your data size keeps growing.

Some methods include powerful deduplication, storage tiering, pay-per-use, automation, and more.


Very promising and visionary futuristic product

Overall this product is very much front line in terms of current compliance needs and competing with World leader peer solutions.

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- GM in the Healthcare Industry

Innovation And Solutioning At Its Best

Innovation and solutioning at its best: It has been a great experience working with Mithi. Specially in the servicing part there support is commendable. They are good at providing simple and innovative solutioning.

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Head - IT Application And Support in the Healthcare Industry

The Archival - peak to bottom

We needed to preserve email data of former employees, reduce the license cost and cost of ever growing mail data, while staying compliant as per regulatory requirements. Vaultastic helps us achieve the above objectives, effectively.

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- Head IT in the Finance Industry

Good Product with Easy interface

The archival was always an issue in an on-prem solution. Compliance and Risk deparments always wanted a quick retrieval of archived email which we are now able to deliver on time.

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- EVP & CTO in the Finance Industry

Overall experience with product was Technically excellent as well as economical.

Mithi team was persistent and helped our team to smoothly meet our compliance requirements and were able to implement as per the proposed timelines. Their support is outstanding.

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-Chief Manager - IT in the Manufacturing Industry

Must use vault solution for you important data.

Have been using Vaultastic for the last three years now, and have never faced any issue is the above features. The features provided are useful. The version 4 is more feature rich, and I am excited to use it.

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- Person in the Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation role

Vaultastic for Google Workspace

  • Vaultastic for GSuite
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  • 1. What is the best way to archive files from Google Drive and OneDrive for business?

    Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are essential for companies as they store crucial data generated by users. Archiving and backing up this data is vital to ensure its safekeeping and accessibility.

    Vaultastic Open Store is the best way to archive files from Google Drive and archive OneDrive for business files. It supports full and incremental syncs of files and offers tools for searching and selectively retrieving files from archives.

    Data stored in Vaultastic is protected with multiple layers of security, ensuring its high durability and easy accessibility.

    Vaultastic follows strict regulatory guidelines, improving your compliance and legal posture concerning data retention and access.

    Learn more here and here.

  • 2. How to archive files in Google drive?

    The best way to archive files in Google Drive is via a periodic, regular sync of the files generated, stored, and modified. Vaultastic can sync Google Drive archive files using a complete sync for the first time and then an incremental sync regularly to capture the changes. 

    Learn more here.

  • 3. Is it a good idea to transfer files from google drive to external hard drive as a backup?

    If you are doing this to keep a copy of all your files on Google Drive, consider a more secure and durable option like Vaultastic.

    Backing up google drive to an external hard drive increases data loss, corruption, fragmentation, and tampering risks, making the solution very risky.

    Vaultastic’s cloud-based data archiving solution provides an excellent alternative to back up OneDrive files and reduces risks related to accidental or intentional erasures.

    Vaultastic complies with industry regulatory norms and provides exceptionally durable storage to put you at ease.

    Learn more here.

  • 4. Do we need to deploy any software or database on the GSuite setup?

    No, G Suite administrators would need to configure mail Journaling rules to send copies of incoming and outgoing mail of the selected or all users to Vaultastic.

  • 5. Is there any plugin or extension to G Suite for Work?

    No, the Vaultastic application is independent of the G Suite interfaces. Depending on the rights assigned by the Vaultastic administrators, end users can access their Vaultastic Vaults through a simple and secure web interface.

  • 6. Does Vaultastic maintain the data classification of G Suite for Work?

    To keep the end-user interface simple, all emails are archived in a central repository and accessible to the user via an ediscovery UI. The user can leverage "saved searches" in the ediscovery interface to create any number of virtual folders accessible on a single click

    Vaultastic has no knowledge of the folder structure or organization of emails on the primary mailbox.

  • 7. How does separate email archiving for Google Workspace work?

    Separate email archiving for Google Workspace works by configuring journaling on Google Workspace to divert a copy of every inbound and outbound email to a separate cloud archive like Vaultastic. On Vaultastic, the emails are stored in a central repository in a search-ready form, making it easy for organizations to retrieve and review emails as needed. 

    A separate email archive independent of the Google Workspace infrastructure can be crucial for meeting regulatory and operational requirements. This independent cloud-based archive provides an added layer of protection and agility for the organization.

  • 8. How does archiving work in Gmail?

    You can archive your emails and important files from Google Drive to a separate infrastructure like Vaultastic for added redundancy and flexibility in Google Workspace.

    Use journaling on Google Workspace to automatically back up a copy of all emails in real time and periodically sync files from your Google Drive accounts to Vaultastic.

  • 9. Can Vaultastic perform a g suite ediscovery across emails and files of user accounts?

    Yes, emails and files are archived in a central repository in Vaultastic. Tools for the ediscovery of emails, searching for files, and extraction help granularly locate emails and files from across vaults and user accounts and extract them to portable formats.

  • 10. Does Vaultastic as a backup solution for g suite protect emails and the files on GDrive?

    Vaultastic is an elastic GSuite backup solution that can protect your business-critical emails and the files on your Google Drive accounts in a central, unified repository that enables long-term data retention.

  • 11. What is the best way to archive an old user in GSuite?

    Leaving mailboxes and drive accounts of ex-employees disabled on the Primary mail/workplace productivity solution like Google Workspace/G Suite is a standard method but an unnecessary cost.

    The best way to protect the data assets of former employees is to archive their emails and files from their mailboxes, and Google Drive accounts to an independent cloud archive like Vaultastic.

    The redundancy and centralization assure control and security for your data.

    Learn more: Protecting Corporate Data that was in control of Former employees

  • 12. Is Vaultastic an alternative to using google vault for former employee data retention?

    Yes, and it's a fantastic alternative to using google for employee data retention

    Instead of saving former employee emails and files from their google drive accounts to a Google Vault charged as archive user licenses, you can save up to 60% or more by protecting this data on Vaultastic.

    Besides the massive cost savings, Vaultastic helps you stay compliant with regulations that require you to protect data in independent stores.

    Our customers find it easy to perform ediscovery across the vaults and stores of former employees from a single console driving up productivity.

    Learn more: Protecting Corporate Data that was in control of Former employees

  • 13. How is Vaultastic a better option for protecting the data assets of former employees v/s using the google workspace archive user license?

    A google workspace archive license allows you to park ex-employee data in a Google Vault specifically meant for this.

    However, the google workspace archive user license cost can be expensive compared to Vaultastic, which optimizes long-term data retention costs to deliver upward of 60% savings. 

    Besides cost savings, you benefit from the additional redundancy of having your data in an infrastructure separate from Google Workspace. Also, you improve your compliance postures with an independent archive since that is what regulators expect.  

    Our customers find it easy to perform ediscovery across the vaults and stores of former employees from a single console driving up productivity.

    Learn more: Protecting Corporate Data that was in control of Former employees.

  • 14. Can I use Vaultastic for g suite email archiving?

    Yes absolutely.

    Vaultastic is a robust email archiving solution for GSuite that protects your critical email data in a perpetual archive in a separate cloud.

    Amongst the google email archive solutions, Vaultastic ranks high since it delivers massive cost optimization even as your storage grows, stores your data with high durability and security, and provides flexible tools for discovery and extraction.

    A centralized g suite email archive helps faster discovery across user mailboxes/vaults, thus improving response times to data requests.

  • 15. Is Vaultastic amongst the best email archiving solutions for G Suite, and why?

    Vaultastic is the best email archiving solution for G Suite because it delivers complete data life cycle support. 

    Vaultastic can archive live email data from your Google Workspace users and centrally protect fragmented legacy data.

    As the use and age of data change, Vaultastic provides tools and options to protect and manage the data across its lifecycle.

  • 16. How to archive google mail in Vaultastic?

    If you use the paid version of Google Workspace, you can enable journaling for select or all users so that a copy of all their emails is sent to Vaultastic in real time. 

    As the live emails get archived to Vaultastic, you can search and recover any email(s) using the ediscovery tool.

  • 17. What is Google Vault used for? Is Vaultastic a Google vault alternative?

    Google Vault is a cloud-based archiving and e-discovery solution for G Suite customers. It allows businesses to retain, search, and export data from G Suite services like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Chat. It is primarily used for e-discovery, legal compliance, and data retention.

    Vaultastic is a cloud-based data archiving solution that is a fantastic Google Vault alternative. Data Redundancy, easier ediscovery across user accounts, and up to 60% cost optimization are some of the reasons customers choose Vaultastic to archive google workspace data.

    While Vaultastic provides similar data archiving functionality as Google Vault, it is not limited to G Suite users. It can work with various email platforms such as Office 365, Zimbra, and others. Vaultastic also provides additional features like email backup, tamper-proof archiving, and advanced search options.

  • 18. How does Vaultastic work as a google apps archive or a Google docs archive?

    Vaultastic is a cloud-based data archiving solution allowing businesses to securely archive their email, files, and other digital communication data. It provides archiving solutions for various platforms, including Google Apps and Google Docs.

    When Vaultastic is used as a Google Apps or a Google Docs Archive, it integrates with your organization's Google Workspace account and automatically archives all inbound and outbound emails in real time. It uses the Google Journaling capability to capture email data, ensuring nothing is missed. In addition, Vaultastic can all documents, spreadsheets, and other files created or modified in Google Docs from your Google Drive to securely protect them.

    The archived data is then stored securely in the cloud and is easily searchable and retrievable using the web-based Vaultastic console.

    Vaultastic also provides e-discovery, legal hold, and advanced search capabilities to help organizations comply with regulations and legal requirements. It provides a full-text search of all archived data and advanced search filters to locate specific emails or documents quickly.

    Overall, Vaultastic provides a comprehensive and secure email and document archiving solution for businesses that use Google Apps and Google Docs.

  • 19. How do I backup Gmail emails of all my users?

    If you use the paid version of Google Workspace, you can enable journaling for select or all users so that a copy of all their emails is sent to Vaultastic in real time. 

    As the live emails get archived to Vaultastic, you can search and recover any email(s) using the ediscovery tool.

  • 20. Is it safe to backup google drive to external hard drive?

    While the traditional popular method is to backup Google Drive files to an external hard drive or backup Google Drive to local drive, these may not be the safest and most secure ways to manage a Google Drive backup.

    A cloud backup for Google Drive, like the one offered by Vaulastic, will ensure that you securely and durably preserve your business-critical file data from Google Drive in an independent store.

  • 21. How to backup your google account?

    People often ask, “how to backup my data from google account?”

    Emails and Files carry a bulk of your business-critical unstructured data. Ensuring a backup of this data is a great way to backup your google account.

    Vaultastic can help you with an independent data archive for all your emails and files from Google drive. 

    The backup is automatic, safe, and secure. You are now free from the risk of data deletion and tampering.

  • 22. How to backup your google drive data/documents?

    Vaultastic is a safe solution to backup your data on google drive. Automated tools for complete and incremental migration of files/documents increase productivity when you backup your google drive data.

    Learn more here and here.

  • 23. How to backup my google drive files?

    Vaultastic is an independent cloud-based solution answering this popular question of how to back up my google drive.

    Take complete backups of selected Google Drive accounts and follow this with regular incremental backups to ensure you never lose a file.

    Are you still wondering how do I back up my google drive? Learn more about Vaultastic’s file archiving capabilities here.

  • 24. Is there a safer alternative to back up google drive to hard drive?

    While the traditional popular method is to backup Google Drive files to hard drive or take a backup from Google Drive to pc, these may not be the safest and most secure ways to manage a Google Drive backup.

    A cloud backup for Google Drive, like the one offered by Vaulastic, will ensure that you securely and durably preserve your business-critical file data from Google Drive in an independent store.

  • 25. Should I backup my google drive? How to backup google drive locally?

    A popular question - should you backup google drive?

    Another one - Is google drive backed up?

    While Google Drive may be inherently reliable, your files are prone to tampering and accidental or intentional erasures by your users, putting your organization at grave risk of data loss.

    To ensure business continuity, it’s a good practice to ensure your google drive is backed up regularly to an independent cloud store in immutable secured storage.

    While backup google drive locally is a popular option, we recommend not doing this.

    On-premise backups have their risks and costs, as explained here

    Instead, try Vaultastic, a cloud-based elastic archive that can ingest your google drive data completely and incrementally to ensure secure data protection for your critical files. 

    Learn more here.

  • 26. Can I back up my google drive to Vaultastic?

    Yes absolutely. To protect against accident or malicious deletion, you must backup your entire google drive data to an independent, secure archive. 

    Learn more here.

  • 27. Do we need to deploy any software or database on the Google Workspace setup to enable archiving of email data?
  • 28. With Google Workspace on GCP and Vaultastic on AWS, will the email data be archived across cloud providers?

    Yes. Configuring Vaultastic for mail domains hosted on Cloud email services such as Google Workspace (G Suite) ensures that a physical copy of every mail sent and received is available on the AWS cloud. 

    This multi-cloud strategy reduces your risk of vendor lock-in as you control your most critical data in an independent infrastructure.

    Read More: Optimize costs on G Suite subscriptions – Maintain email data of former employees on inexpensive cloud stores like AWS S3.

  • 29. Can I archive emails of only selected users from my Google Workspace account?

    Yes. You can archive emails only for a selected set of users using the journaling configurations on Google Workspace (G Suite).

  • 30. Can I migrate my legacy email data in PST formats?

    Yes. You can add vaults (corresponding to mailboxes on your Google Workspace environment) and import your PST files into these vaults. The email data, once imported, is now available in a search-ready form.

  • 31. How do I access, search, and extract my archived email data on Vaultastic?

    Vaultastic offers role-based access to your archive data. 

    Depending on your use case, you can enable individual user access, department-level access, or complete auditor-level access.

    The Vaultastic app is a cloud web application accessed anywhere using a browser.

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