Why you need a Separate Microsoft Office 365
Archiving Solution

While Microsoft Office 365 is a great workplace productivity platform for businesses, having a separate and centrally accessible archive for Microsoft 365 emails and OneDrive data can provide additional protection for critical data while optimizing the cost of data retention.

Managing the following additional archive requirements around Microsoft Office 365 burdens overworked IT and compliance teams and escalates storage management costs.

Protect your business against Data Risks

Vaultastic’s Agile Cloud Data Archiving addresses a wide range of data management use-cases for your information-driven business

Protect high-volume Current and Ex-employee Data at optimized costs

Enhance your Legal and Compliance readiness

Gain Control with Supervision and Oversight

Vaultastic is a powerful add-on for archiving and managing Microsoft 365 data.

As an independent, central, immutable data archive of your emails and OneDrive files, Vaultastic enhances data protection and agility for the business.
Vaultastic Solutions

Automate Email and File Data Ingestion

Vaultastic can automatically capture and protect emails in real time from Microsoft Office 365 and periodically archive files from OneDrive for the entire organization or select teams and individuals.

Unify your store for Active and Legacy data

Vaultastic’s automated migration tools can de-fragment your legacy data stores and make a unified, single repository of live and historical data for easy discovery.

Improve Data Availability & Durability

As a separate perpetual archive in a durable and highly available cloud infrastructure independent of Microsoft 365, Vaultastic provides redundancy for your office 365 emails and OneDrive documents.

Find Data Quickly, Extract Granularly

Multi-level ediscovery supports user self-service, department-level search, and auditor-level full/partial access without IT team intervention.

Granular extraction in portable formats enhances agility and efficiency for managing archived data.

Manage Compliance Workflows

Integrated compliance workflow management capability significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the compliance management process.

Optimize up to 60% of costs

Vaultastic deploys deduplication, storage tiering, pay-per-use, and other strategies to optimize up to 60% of costs. As your data size grows (and it will), this results in significant cost savings.

Vaultastic's Microsoft 365 archiving add-on delivers complete data lifecycle management

Ensure business continuity by protecting your data against intentional or accidental erasures. Drive better data resilience with multi-layered protection and in-built disaster recovery.
Archive and Protect Data carried in Ex-Employee Accounts on Microsoft Office 365 at significantly lower costs to ensure continuity and compliance with regulations.
Vaultastic’s robust e-discovery with High Volume and Granular Data Extraction can support rapid and accurate responses to audits, compliance, and litigation-related requests.
Ease Information Governance & Data Management. Role-based access, flexible retention policies, and granular data security controls make information governance smoother.
Automated Storage Management to Optimize Data Retention cost without compromising performance for on-demand data needs.
Vaultastic: Data Advantage for every Enterprise

A quick preview of Vaultastic’s lifecycle data management services

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FAQs about Microsoft Office 365 & One Drive for business data archiving

  • Vaultastic for Office 365
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  • 1. Do we need to deploy any software or database on the Microsoft Office 365 setup to enable archiving of email data?
  • 2. Will the email data be archived across cloud providers with Microsoft Office 365 on Azure and Vaultastic on AWS?

    Yes. Configuring Vaultastic for mail domains hosted on Cloud email services such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace ensures that a physical copy of every mail sent and received is available on the AWS cloud.

    This multi-cloud strategy reduces your risk of vendor lock-in as you control your most critical data in an independent infrastructure.

    Read More: I already use Microsoft 365 on the cloud. Do I still need a separate archiving solution?

  • 3. If I back up my files from onedrive to external hard drive, what are the pros and cons?

    If you are doing this to keep a copy of all your files on OneDrive, consider a safer, more secure, and scalable option like Vaultastic. 

    A OneDrive backup to an external hard drive increases data loss, corruption, and tampering risks, rendering the whole solution very risky.

    Vaultastic’s cloud-based data archiving solution provides an excellent alternative to back up OneDrive files and reduces risks related to accidental or intentional erasures.

    Vaultastic complies with industry regulatory norms and provides exceptionally durable storage to put you at ease.

    Learn more here.

  • 4. How do I back up one drive data?

    The best way to back up one drive is via a periodic sync of the files generated, stored, and modified. Vaultastic can sync files from Onedrive using a complete sync for the first time and then an incremental sync regularly to capture the changes. 

    Learn more here.

  • 5. I am currently using Microsoft Office 365 with sufficient storage. Do I still need a separate data archive?

    Having adequate storage in the active user mailbox or OneDrive may not protect your critical data against accidental or intentional erasure, theft, or corruption. 

    In addition, Microsoft Office 365 includes archiving capabilities, such as legal hold and retaining deleted items for some time. 

    However, it may not provide the level of granularity, searchability, and compliance capabilities that a dedicated data archive solution would offer. 

    If your organization has specific regulatory or legal requirements for data retention and archiving, or if you need advanced search and discovery capabilities for historical data across user vaults, it may be beneficial to use a separate data archive solution in addition to Office 365. Learn more here

  • 6. Can I archive emails of selected users only?

    Yes. You can archive emails only for a selected set of users using the journaling configurations on Microsft 365.

  • 7. Can I migrate my legacy email data in PST formats?

    Yes. You can add vaults (corresponding to mailboxes on your MS 365 environment) and import your PST files into these vaults. The email data, once imported, is now available in a search-ready form.

  • 8. How do I access, search, and extract my archived email data on Vaultastic?

    Vaultastic offers role-based access to your archive data.

    Depending on your use case, you can enable individual user access, department-level access, or complete auditor-level access.

    The Vaultastic app is a cloud web application accessed anywhere using a browser.

  • 9. What is the process for archiving files from Microsoft OneDrive for Business?

    Archiving files from OneDrive for Business involves creating a backup copy of the files to separate independent storage on another cloud. 

    Vaultastic does this by allowing you to define the files you should archive from the user’s drive based on the date and time and other relevant attributes of the files.

    Using the same tools, you can also take regular incremental backups of the files changed between the two backups.

  • 10. How often should I archive files from OneDrive for Business?

    The frequency of archiving files from OneDrive for Business will depend on your organization's specific needs and regulations. 

    Since the files on Microsoft OneDrive for Business carry business-critical data generated by users, we recommend a frequent schedule of incremental backups after the entire initial backup.

    A daily backup works best.

  • 11. Can I restore files that Vaultastic has archived from OneDrive for Business?

    Yes, you can restore files you have archived from OneDrive for Business. Vaultastic provides a search tool to locate the required files from the backup and then extraction tools to export the selected files.

  • 12. Using Vaultastic, can I archive only specific files or folders from OneDrive for Business?

    You can archive file data from user accounts and particular folders from OneDrive for Business. While specifying the job, you can also set the modified or created time. Learn more here.

  • 13. Are there any limits to the number or size of files that Vaultastic can archive from OneDrive for Business?

    Vaultastic has no such limitations.

  • 14. What is an effective way to ensure a Microsoft office 365 OneDrive backup of all files?

    To ensure a complete Microsoft one drive backup of all files, we recommend using Vaultastic:

    1. Take a complete office 365 OneDrive backup of all the files for all the users.
    2. Now incrementally backup OneDrive files daily to ensure complete capture of all changes and additions on that day.

    Using this simple strategy, you can  archive or backup OneDrive for business data to ensure complete redundancy for your critical information. 

    Learn more here.

  • 15. Since OneDrive is on the cloud, how does another cloud backup for OneDrive help?

    Even though OneDrive is on the cloud, it is not safe from the tampering of files or accidental and intentional file erasures. 

    Also, when an employee leaves your organization, how will you preserve the corporate data generated, stored, and used by the employee via OneDrive?

    In a regulated industry, you must have an independent backup of all data in separate storage that is safe, secure, and durable.

    Hence, regularly backing up all your business-critical data on OneDrive to different cloud storage is advised.

  • 16. Is Vaultastic a secure file archiving solution to Backup OneDrive files?

    Vaultastic’s robust data protection platform can deliver secure OneDrive file archiving to achieve multi-layered and durable OneDrive file protection.

    Vaultastic offers complete and incremental back up of files on OneDrive using automated tools and an operational cloud infrastructure separate from Microsoft.

    Amongst file archiving solutions to backup OneDrive files, Vaultastic excels in speed, ease, and cost optimization of storage.

  • 17. What is the relationship between OneDrive backup and compliance?

    To adhere to the regulatory guidelines for data security, you must ensure a physically separate, secure, and durable copy of all your critical data. 

    A robust backup and recovery strategy for OneDrive focuses on archiving the files on OneDrive to independent cloud storage. 

    Thus a powerful OneDrive backup and compliance are inextricably linked.

  • 18. What is the best way to backup OneDrive?

    While the traditional popular method is to backup OneDrive files to an external hard drive or backup OneDrive to local drive, these may not be the safest and most secure ways to manage a OneDrive backup.

    A cloud backup for OneDrive, like the one offered by Vaulastic, will ensure that you securely and durably preserve your  business-critical file data from OneDrive in an independent store.

  • 19. My regulator wants me to provide a OneDrive backup and disaster recovery plan. How do I achieve this quickly?

    We propose using Vaultastic as an add-on to Microsoft OneDrive for business. This simple integration will help you with regular OneDrive backups and ensure you preserve your valuable data on the Vaultastic cloud with 11 9’s durability backed by an in-built disaster recovery site.

    Vaultastic is a simple but robust tool supporting the backup and recovery for OneDrive. A single pane of glass administration eases the management of your OneDrive backup and retention strategy.

Why the Vaultastic Platform

Performance that Scales

Bulletproof Security

Multi-dimension Cost Optimization

Complete Data Lifecycle Management

Amazon WorkMail
Microsoft 365
Google Workspace
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Drive
Simple Email System AWS
IBM Notes

Vaultastic - cross-platform, centralised, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and for business-critical data to ensure business continuity & enable effective response to change
Continuous Monitoring and Management of Security Threats to build Cyber Resilience

Continuous Monitoring and Management of Security Threats to build Cyber Resilience

Automated monitoring, frequent periodic audits, regular training on best practices, continuous improvements, and ongoing system upgrades are a part of our active security management practice.

High Impact Data Management Use Cases   across businesses

Small Urban Bank
From fragmented data to centralized, search-ready data with near 100% durability, availability and super-fast ediscovery.
Mid Sized Financial Services Firm
Manage subcription and storage costs of ex-employee data retention as mandated by regulations.
Mid Sized Health Insurance
Build reputation, reduce risks with fast turn around on data requests for litigation.
Mid Sized Regional Bank
Retain historical data to comply with regularity retention guidelines and stay audit-ready.
Mid Sized Bank
Reduce risks of compliance penalties with fast ediscovery and flexible extraction tools.
Legal Services Firm
Perform ediscovery across user accounts for faster and more flexible data access.
Local Government Body
Reliably migrate data to centrally searchable, highly available repository, and deliver better citizen service.
Small retail tech
Gain visibility, responsiveness, compliance and legal readiness for customer communications.
Research and communication Services
Easy investigate customer issue escalations to improve service quality.
Save on subscription upgrade costs by managing data better.


Very promising and visionary futuristic product

Overall this product is very much front line in terms of current compliance needs and competing with World leader peer solutions.

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- GM in the Healthcare Industry

Innovation And Solutioning At Its Best

Innovation and solutioning at its best: It has been a great experience working with Mithi. Specially in the servicing part there support is commendable. They are good at providing simple and innovative solutioning.

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Head - IT Application And Support in the Healthcare Industry

The Archival - peak to bottom

We needed to preserve email data of former employees, reduce the license cost and cost of ever growing mail data, while staying compliant as per regulatory requirements. Vaultastic helps us achieve the above objectives, effectively.

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- Head IT in the Finance Industry

Good Product with Easy interface

The archival was always an issue in an on-prem solution. Compliance and Risk deparments always wanted a quick retrieval of archived email which we are now able to deliver on time.

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- EVP & CTO in the Finance Industry

Overall experience with product was Technically excellent as well as economical.

Mithi team was persistent and helped our team to smoothly meet our compliance requirements and were able to implement as per the proposed timelines. Their support is outstanding.

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-Chief Manager - IT in the Manufacturing Industry

Must use vault solution for you important data.

Have been using Vaultastic for the last three years now, and have never faced any issue is the above features. The features provided are useful. The version 4 is more feature rich, and I am excited to use it.

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- Person in the Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation role
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