The need to archive notification and marketing emails

Email notifications, a necessary part of all digitally enabled businesses

Businesses use email notifications as an integral part of their product and service development and delivery. Notifications help organizations convey essential information and foster user relationships. And such notices carry critical information that complies with the company's promised service levels.

Email notifications are triggered or sent in response to a precise user action or event. Some common examples include activation messages, activity notifications, security alerts, and utility functions like OTPs.

The fundamental nature of these messages makes it crucial for companies to securely capture and archive these notifications.

Preserving such messages for the long term is essential to resolve customer support queries and prepare for future litigations. Some regulated companies may need to store these for compliance.

In addition, email notifications, when strategically used, help businesses keep clients engaged, deliver a great user experience, reinforce client trust in their services and help build long-lasting customer relationships.

Sendgrid is a popular platform for delivering high-volume email notifications.

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Challenges with archival for Sendgrid

Archiving email notifications carry a unique set of challenges against archiving regular corporate emails transacted by users. Here are some common challenges faced by backup solutions for Sendgrid:

High Volume: A large customer/user base having a high volume of transactions with your business can generate millions of emails in a month. Imagine a bank sending OTPs, or money movement alerts. Optimally storing this massive quantity of such emails proves to be the biggest challenge.

High Velocity: Business systems generate notifications at a blistering rate, which challenges the ingestion system of any archival platform. Solutions that can absorb such a high flow rate must be highly scalable to prevent queue pile-ups and missed messages.

Poor Accessibility: It’s not enough to just preserve these notifications. Such emails must be discoverable on demand and maintained long-term to support the customer-support and compliance use cases.

High Cost: The high volume means high storage utilization. Archival solutions that don’t optimize costs as volume grows can make such Sendgrid backup solutions prohibitively costly.
Email notifications, a necessary part of all digitally enabled businesses

Vaultastic: The best among Sendgrid Email Archiving Solutions.

Vaultastic lets enterprises manage the archival of transactional and marketing emails sent using Sendgrid. Vaultastic, the modern email archiving solution for Sendgrid, is highly scalable, secure and optimizes costs up to 60% even as the storage volume snowballs.

What Vaultastic means for your business:

An immensely scalable cloud archival for Sendgrid for 100% capture of all business-critical notifications and the long-term storage of these in a single, searchable repository.

Fast, easy, and flexible ediscovery tools to rapidly search and extract required email data of any period matching any criteria.

Multi-dimension cost optimization with robust deduplication, storage tiering, pay-per-use, automation, and more. Costs stay in control even as your data multiplies.

Vaultastic, a secure Sendgrid email archiving solution, protects all your data across multiple layers, including encryption, authorization, access controls, and more.

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Vaultastic: The best among Sendgrid Email Archiving Solutions.

Advantages that make Vaultastic the Best Email Archiving Solution for Sendgrid

Compliance & Litigation readiness

Leverage e-discovery for quick and precise responses to legal and compliance evidence requests.

Superior customer service

With Vaultastic’s Sendgrid email archiving solutions respond quickly to customer queries with easy access to data.

Cost compression up to 60% or more

Scale substantially to house a massive amount of data stored through tiering. This helps to separate new, frequently used emails from aging, infrequently used emails and reduces costs by up to 60%.

Uninterrupted business

Vaultastic’s robust backup solutions for Sendgrid ensure business continuity with always-on access to critical emails in the archives.

Always Updated

Vaultastic’s Sendgrid Backup Solutions are fully managed and regularly updated per changing regulations and laws.
Advantages that make Vaultastic the Best Email Archiving Solution for Sendgrid
Ready to evaluate Vaultastic?

The Vaultastic Edge

The new-age Vaultastic platform helps businesses securely and efficiently manage large volumes of data with considerable cost savings and total peace of mind
Performance that Scales
Say No to Data Fragmentation. A scalable, elastic archive keeps all your operational and legacy data online and search-ready in durable, tamper-evident vaults to help you quickly, accurately, and confidently respond to data access or recovery requests.
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Bulletproof Security
Say Yes to Peace of Mind. Building on AWS’s shared security model, Vaultastic provides a comprehensive cloud security framework beyond just security settings. It ensures uninterrupted monitoring and closed-loop feedback for long-term mitigation of risks to build cyber resilience.
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Rock Solid Reliability
Say Bye to RTO/RPO anxiety. As a perpetual archive in separate operational cloud infrastructure, Vaultastic delivers superior data durability (11 9’s) and high availability, storing immutable copies of your data in multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers) of AWS.
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Rich Cloud & Data Services
Say Yes to High Productivity. Import data at scale, find data instantly, extract data in bulk, export data in portable formats, govern information, and more. Vaultastic provides a rich set of cloud and data services to efficiently & securely manage your active and legacy data.
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Data Lifecycle services
Say Yes to On-Demand. We engineered Vaultastic to manage your data and optimize costs using specialized tools across the complete data lifecycle. Cutting-edge tools support the transition of legacy data -> live/active -> reference -> Inactive, and finally -> out-of-use data.
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Up to 60% Cost Optimization
Say No to High Costs. Vaultastic optimizes data management costs along multiple dimensions to deliver ongoing unbeatable savings even as your data size keeps growing. Some strategies include powerful deduplication, storage tiering, pay-per-use, automation, and more.
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Archiving solution for Sendgrid

  • Archiving solution for Sendgrid
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  • 1. Why do we need a separate archiving solution for Sendgrid?

    Sendgrid is a notification sending service with no provision for archiving your emails sent via the platform. Since preserving notifications is critical for your business, you must rely on an independent archiving solution for Sendgrid. Vaultastic is proven and delivers the best email archiving solutions for Sendgrid. Learn more

  • 2. How do we ensure that the Sendgrid email archiving solution is compliant?

    Compliance with industry regulations and local laws requires you to preserve all email transactions in a certain way, e.g., resident in your country, end-to-end encrypted, discoverable, and more. Vaultastic, by design, delivers a compliance-ready email archiving solution for Sendgrid. Learn more

  • 3. Is the Sendgrid backup solution automated?

    Yes, Vaultastic’s Sendgrid backup solution is fully automated. Once configured, Sendgrid automatically sends a copy of all notifications to the Vaultastic platform, in real-time, where they are preserved.

  • 4. Will we incur additional costs in maintaining the archival?

    Since the archive is not part of your Sendgrid service, yes, you would need to pay the archival vendor like Vaultastic. We would like to highlight that Vaultastic works hard to optimize costs of your ever-growing storage and delivers up to 60% cost compression using multiple methods such as deduplication, storage tiering and more.

  • 5. How do we integrate the archival solution?
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