Vaultastic as a Dedicated SaaS

Besides consuming Vaultastic as a SaaS for email archiving, which is a shared multi-tenant platform hosting multiple customer domains and their archive data, you also have the option to deploy the same solution as a dedicated SaaS setup hosting only the domains and data of your organization, on any AWS region of your choice.

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Our customers opt for a dedicated deployment of Vaultastic for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your organization is bound by data residency laws or internal organizational policies, which mandate that your data be collected, stored and processed inside your country.
  • You would like to customize the retention policies and other parameters of your email archives, beyond the construct of Vaultastic’s standard plans.
  • You would like complete, end-to-end control on the SaaS email archving infrastructure. This means the infrastructure and application stack is fully managed and monitored by your team.

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Working of a dedicated Saas setup in Vaultastic
A dedicated SaaS setup provides all the benefits of a SaaS, while keeping only your organisation’s information and workload on the infrastructure.


The Vaultastic email archiving application requires an infrastructure stack available from AWS. In the AWS region of your choice, we will deploy, configure and tune the AWS compute, storage, networking and other services to prepare the foundation platform to run the Vaultastic application. On this infrastructure stack, we will deploy and configure the Vaultastic software, which will now be ready to receive and archive email, which is journaled from your primary email platform.

Ongoing Management & Monitoring

While this infrastructure is dedicated to your organization (not shared with other customers), it is managed and monitored 24/7 by our team. This configuration is akin to a dedicated SaaS, where you consume the software as a service, from an infrastructure, which is hosting only your organizations data. Here, we would deploy Vaultastic on the dedicated AWS infrastructure stack, procured from within our AWS account, and we fully manage and monitor this stack 24/7 for uptime and service quality. Your administrators have access to the web super administrator console (not shell access) to configure policies, retention policies and more.

Ongoing management and monitoring

Historical Data upload/migration

Historical Data upload/migration

Vaultastic can ingest historical mail in PST or EML format and store in the cloud store in the users’ accounts. The historical email would also be indexed and available for search using the ediscovery console.


You gain access to the administration panel, which allows you to provision users, configure policies, define junior administrators with limited rights, generate reports, define report schedules, run ediscovery searches across all users, and more.


End Users

End Users

End users gain access to a secure self service portal (if you decide to allow this), which allows them to view their own email (sent and received), search through those email, recover selectively or in bulk using the export option, and supervise the conversations of their team members using ediscovery (if allowed by the administrator)

Item Description Scope
AWS Infrastructure stack for Vaultastic Compute, Storage, Orchestration, Automation, and a plethora of other services from AWS to comprise the base Infrastructure platform for Vaultastic Billed monthly by AWS and billed to you back to back
Networking infrastructure A high quality, high performance network to connect the primary mail platform and the users to the selected AWS cloud region. This could be over the Internet or via a Direct Connect link, which privately connects any end point (your location) to the selected AWS cloud region over a dedicated link. At your cost
Vaultastic application software The Vaultastic application subscription, which includes subscription to third party tools configured to facilitate storage play. This includes components to capture logs, process them and store them for life and the ediscovery application. Priced per user per year and billed monthly or annually.
Vaultastic Solution Support, management and monitoring Eyes & Ears:Automation tools deployed to monitor the servers, application. 24/7 Teams to watch this and take action.
Helpdesk: Product support for how to use the application etc.
Priced per user per year subject to a minimum billing.
Onboarding, Migration and upload of Historical data Set up and configure the archival service, train your administrators on using the Admin console and in the process of migrating historical data One time

Whether it’s a SaaS deployment or dedicated SaaS deployment, the benefits of the AWS cloud and the Vaultastic application stay the same. Essentially you get all the benefits of SaaS coupled with a dedicated infrastructure and application stack for your organization:
  • Opex, pay as you go, pay per use, fully managed, SLA backed with warranties, and more
  • Backup, Security and Safety of all email assured with extreme data durability (99.999999999%)
  • Immunity to any disaster on the primary setup since the mail is stored in a separate operational infrastructure
  • Enable easy migration of mail servers and mailboxes since the mail content is available fully in a separate operational infrastructure
  • Single solution for Backup, Compliance and eDiscovery
  • No infrastructure required
  • Elastic and automatically scalable infrastructure
  • Safe, read only self-service portal for all users to search and retrieve their own mail
  • eDiscovery to allow blind searches across mailboxes.

  • Dedicated SaaS
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  • 1. In whose AWS account is the infrastructure hosted?
    The dedicated infrastructure stack will be hosted in Mithi’s AWS account. It will be launched in the region of your choice.
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  • 2. Who will pay AWS for this infrastructure?
    Since this infrastructure is hosted in Mithi’s AWS account, we will receive the monthly bill for this from AWS and we will be paying them directly on a month to month basis. The cost of this infrastructure will be included in our invoice to you.
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