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  • Mr. Gopal Rangaraj,
    Head IT,
    Alembic Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Vaultastic has helped increase our response rate to compliance requests

At Alembic, email forms the backbone of the operations and is used to gather information making it a very important data source. Being in the pharma space, the company has planned compliance audits once or twice every month, for which information needs to be retrieved quickly. The traditional methods that we were using, which involved storage of email data in premise on tapes and drives was growing in size year after year, posing challenges in terms of manageability, cost, ease and speed of data retrieval. Vaultasitc seemlessly copied and moved over 25 TB of historical data to the cloud and keeps all mail online and search ready. Ediscovery enables our teams to rapidly search for specific email thread and discover valuable information. The solution with a high level of automation and guarantees on the service, has allowed our IT team to focus on more strategic and infrastructure initiatives, supporting the organisation in its growth.
  • Mr. Suresh V.,
    DGM IT,
    Karaikal Port Private Limited (KPPL)

With Vaultastic eDiscovery we can now refer to old emails in a snap providing a major boost in productivity

The shipping industry is fast paced with international exposure. There is a lot of communication that takes place, mainly through email. Our critical users often need to refer back to old mails to solve emergencies or prepare documentation based on previous email communication.With our earlier solution, our critical users used to store mails on their individual machines, for easier access, but in turn created a risk of leakage or loss of information when accessed though portable devices. With Vaultastic, our users no longer need to store mails as they are assured safety of all mails on the cloud with easy access. Users can access their individual vaults on the cloud quickly and easily refer to old emails and restore them when necessary. With no infrastructure at our end, we are freed from the task of maintaining and managing any equipment. The compliance officer or managers can use ediscovery to search across all the communication of all users instantly!
  • Mr. Anil Balchandani
    GM- IT Infrastructure
    Eureka Forbes Limited

Vaultastic has decreased management cost and improved the productivity of our customer support team.

We found it challenging to retain all email of the customer support staff in a secured environment and lacked an easy and fast way to search across the mailboxes of multiple users. With Vaultastic providing unlimited storage, our team simply cleans their mailbox to stay within allocated quota limits and are assured that each mail will be available on the Vaultastic cloud, eliminating the need to store PST files locally. Our quality control team, which was previously searching through individual mailboxes, now uses Vaultastic's ediscovery function to run deep searches across the email communication of all customer support staff (including attachments) from a single console, to analyse the quality of the messages and identify improvement areas. I would recommend Vaultastic to any organisation wanting to secure their mail on the cloud with high durability and leverage all that information with ediscovery to gain business insights.
  • Mr. Ulhas Dhamale
    Sr. IT Manager
    The Mahanagar Co-op Bank Ltd.

We don't have to worry about storage growth since that is automatic and unlimited.

Banks (BFSI), by regulation, are required to maintain email archives for compliance. Mahanagar Bank deploys an in-premise mail server and earlier we would backup our mail onto local devices and these kept growing rapidly since our email volume is very high. Since we shifted to Vaultastic to keep a copy of our email safe in the cloud, we don't have to worry about storage anymore. In addition, Vaultastic provides an easy to use self-service portal for our users, which allows them to export selective or all mail from their own archive account that further helps them to perform a full mailbox or selective email recovery. This also helps us to respond quickly and accurately to compliance requests. Vaultastic is a true SaaS with No infrastructure, No manpower, No maintenance required from us.
  • Mr. Dhanajay Parkar
    Assistant IT Manager
    Gini & Jony

Vaultastic has helped us tremendously when it comes to backing up old mail and email search using Ediscovery

With Vaultastic, we have been able to seamlessly backup all our old mail and data to the cloud. The Vaultastic Ediscovery feature has been especially advantageous to us. What used to take us hours, now just takes a few minutes. Using Ediscovery, we are able to search through mails of 10-15 users within 3-5 mins, saving approximately 1-2 hours of our time, that can be put to use in more strategic initiatives.
  • Mr. Nilind Gode
    Biostadt India Limited

Vaultastic is a Great Product, which is very easy to use.

Accessing archived email data is a breeze via the self service portal, which greatly improves the productivity of my users. Its ability to archive data before delivery ensures that a copy of the email has been created, no matter what the user does, post delivery. This gives me peace of mind, that all my email are safe. In addition, its a SaaS solution without any infrastructure, monitoring or man power required at my end, which gives me the space and resources to focus on core IT initiatives of my organization.
  • Mr. Anjan Kar
    General manager information technology
    Cashpor Micro Credit

The product is very good as the user interface is very intuitive

It's easy to look for emails inside the archive and I am very happy with the functionality, which the application provides and even a layman can understand and use it without any problem. The sense of security that I get at the top is that my emails are synced seamlessly with the archival system and I know that a copy of every email is safe somewhere and even if there is a disaster happening on my system, I'll still be able to get access to my emails in the easiest way possible. I am also looking forward for the security of the other people in my organisation with this solution to ensure that no key person in the organisation is left aloof in terms of email backup solution. Very good service by Vaultastic.
  • Mr. Jatinder Singh
    Manager I.T.
    Acuity Professional

The software has great value for money. The customer support is very responsive and proactive in handling issues.

The experience with this software has been great. It has all the key features that I was looking for. I'm using this to archive emails of my top management for ease of maintenance and retrieval.
  • Mr. Shreyas Merchant
    Executive Vice-President & COO
    Eternus Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Good product to address important email issues

We have been using Vaultastic for more than a quarter now and it has helped us address the issues around lost email (Intentional/Unintentional). This is the right solution for companies of all sizes especially since it is not too harsh on the pocket and is very easy to implement/use. Kudos to the team for coming up with this service.
  • Ms. Kanchan Pant
    COO, Sharada Industries

Vaultastic has increased accountability across all our employees and the speed of work.

Unlimited Storage, Affordable, Easy to provision users and manage their rights. Great Support!
We previously had an on-premise storage system which was just not providing sufficient backup, with emails over a period of 3 years taking up 10TB worth of space. We had to store all our email communication as projects run over a long period of time. The on-premise storage provided no solution to search for specific information on an individual level. This meant that every employee needed to get in touch with the IT department every time they wanted certain emails causing a delay in retrieving data and adding to downtime. Switching over to Vaultastic freed our mind space from non value adding activities. Within 3 months, the solution has proven results, by giving more control to all the employees, bringing in better collaboration and increasing the response time to our customers.
  • Mr. Tarkeshwar Gupta
    Sr.Manager-IT (Systems)
    T & T Motors Pvt Ltd

Mithi full filled our actual business & productivity requirement

Vaultastic’s ediscovery feature has replaced BCC copies. Managers now run a simple saved query periodically to get all the mail exchanged with by their team, within the last defined period and can therefore monitor all conversations for the given day with greater ease. As Vaultastic is tamper proof, there is no longer a fear of any mail conversations going missing. This has come as a great benefit to the legal department as well, who can now access original mail copies as proof in any legal proceedings.
  • Mr. Atul Kirane
    Vice President (Systems)
    ISMT Limited

Easy to use via the self-service portal

Unlimited Storage, Affordable, Easy to provision users and manage their rights. Great Support!
We were previously using an on-premise email archiving solution. But with the high maintenance and running costs involved, we started looking for cloud email archiving options. After opting for a 30 day free trial of Vaultastic, we found the whole system to be very easy to use and hassle free. So we decided to go with Vaultastic. With the convenience provided wherein every user is provided with a separate login to access their individual account, will help save us a lot of time searching through archived emails without bothering the IT team. Does a great job at what it says. I would recommend Vaultastic based on the reasonable cost and ease of use.

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Trusted by Leading Enterprises

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