Webinar Recording: How an Enterprise can Benefit from Email Archiving?

In an organization with 50 employees, there are about 540,000 mails exchanged every 3 months, accounting to around 51.5 GB of email storage space. Managing this over growing email storage efficiently is one of the main issues plaguing IT Managers. Gartner estimates that by 2019, 75% of organizations will treat archive data, including email, as an active data source. Increasing regulation, incidences of litigation, and operational needs make it necessary to have an immutable archive store for email data, along with speedy, accurate and complete access to it.
In this webinar we spoke about:
  • What is cloud email archiving?
  • Why your enterprise's IT team needs to manage email storage smartly?
  • How does Vaultastic's email archiving works?
  • Benefits of email archiving - some recent customer success stories
  • Q & A Session
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